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Magic: The Gathering tournaments at Addictive Behaviors attract players of all ages and intellects. The Emerald went to see a weekly tournament unfold. [Read More]
University Day is the longest standing tradition at the University of Oregon. On May 17, over 700 students, faculty and community members participated by offering... [Read More]
University of Oregon sports business instructor Josh Gordon hasn't missed a single day of running in six years. That's 2,216 consecutive days. Rain, shine, sleet... [Read More]
Shaluinn Fullove has been running competitively since she was five years old. After growing up in Los Angeles, she became an athlete at Stanford University,... [Read More]
"Your hair is your glory," Kristen Clayton's mom told her over and over. She would hover above her daughter's head and work her hands through... [Read More]
Do you know a woman making a positive impact in the University of Oregon community? Chances are, you probably do — and chances are, she... [Read More]
Read about the Emerald's favorite lifestyle moments from the 90th Academy Awards. Sarah Urban shares the best dressed, best tweets and more. [Read More]
As women trickled into the fourth meeting of UO Women and Film, founder and President Danielle LeBlanc mingled with club members and made sure all... [Read More]
As a young kid, Eugene native Mat Kearney would ditch his seat in McArthur Court just as the final buzzer was about to sound. With... [Read More]
It's here: February 14th has made its dreaded return. Couples are sprouting like flowers in the Spring, and girls everywhere are preparing to DTR (define... [Read More]
On Jan. 7, 2018, Oprah Winfrey stood among Hollywood's elite at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards and delivered a speech that had her audience, both... [Read More]
Going home for the holidays encompasses a lot more than themed dishware and a meal around the table with relatives you barely know. In fact,... [Read More]
At some point in their life, people usually stop being scared of monsters under the bed and start to fear things like failure, sickness and... [Read More]
At the same time that self-reflection can be liberating and encouraging, it can also be ugly and overwhelming. Peeling back the layers of our lives... [Read More]
In any elementary school, the over-involved, clingy parents are easy to spot. They're signing up for the PTA, organizing a fundraiser of some sort, or... [Read More]
This time on the Emerald Podcast Network Casey Miller and Sarah Urban discuss the second episode of Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. This week... [Read More]
What began as a meeting between streakers has turned into a 15-year marriage for Luke and Jaime Hellwege. The couple spoke about living an atypical... [Read More]
As the members of the Dema African Dance and Drumming Ensemble filed into one of their final practices before their year-end performance on Friday and... [Read More]
The Eugene climate has been doing its best to fight through the rain and offer some cloudless days lately. Thankfully, those rare afternoons of clear... [Read More]