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Sonya Skinner of Hampton was sentenced to three months in jail Wednesday after she admitting violating the terms of her probation by using an assumed... [Read More]
Steven Kremer pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to illegally accepting gratuities from a government contractor and stealing government funds. He is set to be... [Read More]
Each robbery featured inside and outside look-outs, getaway drivers and two gunmen. The gunmen would locate a manager and demand he open the store's safe,... [Read More]
While he is set to be sentenced Wednesday on three felony counts of forgery, Whitaker's attorneys say the jury didn't follow the law. [Read More]
The finding was based, among other things, on a supervisor who called black and Hispanic employees "monkeys" and an agent who had a photo on... [Read More]
According to a special agent's complaint, a supervisor called black and Hispanic employees "monkeys." [Read More]
Leroy Perdue, 46, of Georgia, was sentenced to life in prison for running a drug ring prosecutors blame for for putting more than 100 kilograms... [Read More]
Stephanie Morales' 14-year-old son produced the video "Sundress Season," in which her husband also raps. [Read More]
Debbie Siers-Hill faces up to five years after pleading guilty to illegal possession of the toxic agent ricin. [Read More]
Kevin Howell told police he acted in self defense when he shot a friend 12 times. A jury didn't buy it. [Read More]
Court filings say Calvin Ciburk confessed to getting photos and videos – at $25 to $250 each – from 15 to 20 girls. [Read More]
Bryant Keith Boykins helped kill a man in 1999. Now he'll serve six years for stealing $900 worth of booze from ABC stores in Portsmouth. [Read More]
At the request of a defense lawyer, a judge approved spending $1,000 to have a Northern Virginia technology firm to try to make the footage... [Read More]
The family of Ronald Lee Proffitt sued the city of Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. A Portsmouth judge, however, has already dismissed the... [Read More]
Sheldon Myers was arrested Feb. 1 after he got off a bus from New York City with a small bag. Police had staked out the... [Read More]
Kevin Darlene Edwards is scheduled to plead guilty Wednesday. Court records say she used a series of lies and fraud to buy an $811,550 home... [Read More]
After giving birth by herself, Donita Hawkins cut the umbilical cord but did not tie it off, leaving the baby to bleed out, according to... [Read More]
The clerk was following up on why Mitchell had not been transferred to Eastern State Hospital. A faxed court order was later found in a... [Read More]
Taron Walker of Portsmouth was sentenced to 15 years in prison. [Read More]
Sonya Skinner has repeatedly ignored court orders barring her from filing bankruptcy papers. Now "Ann Sonya Skinner" has filed a new case in North Carolina. [Read More]