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We're nearing the All-Star break, and after my team's debacle last week in fantasy baseball, I'm ready for a break. [Read More]
I've been thinking a lot about downtown Clinton in recent weeks. [Read More]
FantasyPros has its consensus rankings from the experts for fantasy football. In a standard 12-team league, you're generally going to carry two quarterbacks, meaning 24... [Read More]
Although President Trump's interest in repairing the nation's infrastructure had seemed auspicious for water utility stocks, it's unclear whether they will actually benefit. Nonetheless, water... [Read More]
The AFC South is going to be better. That's a bad sign for Indianapolis, which hasn't gotten much better despite having one of the best... [Read More]
Traditionally, the gold sector is not where investors rush when looking for dividend-paying stocks. Gold mining is capital intensive, and companies must continually reinvest in... [Read More]
Gold-mining stocks might not win any dividend investor's popularity contest, but prosperous portfolios rely on sound investments -- not stocks sought for their celebrity. [Read More]
Between an analysts' downgrades and short-seller's report, there's a growing consensus that the company's future is less than golden. [Read More]
Franco-Nevada, IAMGOLD, and Tahoe Resources all gave their shareholders reason to celebrate last month. [Read More]
Moves that further diluted shareholder value didn't earn this South Africa-focused miner any gold stars. [Read More]
Beating analysts' estimates by $0.05, the company reported earnings per share of $0.36, but investors had plenty of other causes for celebration. [Read More]
What happenedSibanye Gold (NYSE: SBGL) , a gold producer with mines located throughout South Africa, saw its stock drop 34% through the month of May.. [Read More]
The week of June 7 always allows me an opportunity to remember two life-changing events in my life. [Read More]
What happened... [Read More]
Beating analysts' expectations by one cent was only part of the reason investors deemed the company's first quarter a success. [Read More]
The NFC West can't be any less competitive than last year, right? [Read More]
June is a big month on the Major League Baseball calendar. Teams that are still toward the top should be taken more seriously, and those... [Read More]
After finishing our summer calendar the other day, my wife and I realized we need to add a few months at the season's conclusion to... [Read More]
One of my favorite picks last year in win totals — Oakland Raiders — went way over the over/under to lead the AFC West. [Read More]
If the city of Clinton was a boxer, it would be wise to put up its gloves to protect its head. [Read More]