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When investors look to buy dividend-paying stocks -- especially those with high yields -- utilities are often one of the first considerations. Since. [Read More]
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What happenedAccording to S&P Global Market Intelligence , shares of Spirit Airlines (NASDAQ: SAVE) dropped about 25% last month. The was the. [Read More]
There's always a few surprises in college football, both good and bad. If you can guess which teams will either have unexpected success or failure,... [Read More]
What happened... [Read More]
Now's the time where roster depth takes center stage. [Read More]
It isn't one of the talking points his communications office has addressed, and it hasn't been the subject of impromptu remarks at speaking. [Read More]
Grab a pickax, and let's dig in to uncover the proof that the president loves the yellow metal. [Read More]
You may have an idea where gold mining companies operate their mines; however, once the yellow stuff is dug out of the ground, where does... [Read More]
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In a week where the Clinton City Council was once again addressing pay raises for future members and the mayor, very few residents had time... [Read More]
There's three tiers to the fantasy football draft. In the first tier, it's all about not screwing up and finding players who don't get hurt. [Read More]
Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are in the books, and by now, your fantasy football team should at least have your RB1 and RB2 spots... [Read More]
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