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The Raiders' year-long awkward dance is over. Now maybe the team, the owner and his top people can stop tap-dancing and get down to bedrock... [Read More]
The Denver Broncos stopped George Kittle stone-cold in the second half Sunday, with an assist from Kyle Shanahan, and felt pretty good about that. "I... [Read More]
Sunday was SYB (Save Your Butt) Day at Levi's Stadium for several 49ers. The 49ers are 3-10 after the 20-14 win over the Broncos, and... [Read More]
When I first heard that a 49ers official allegedly defended Reuben Foster to police responding to a 911 call at the team hotel Nov. 24,... [Read More]
The Warriors are like free-range chickens: Allow them to roam and they are much happier and more productive. More cluck for your buck. This season... [Read More]
There were signs that it might work out exactly like the 49ers planned it, that Richard Sherman would be just what the 49ers thought they... [Read More]
It was a case of two rocket ships passing in the afternoon Sunday. The Chiefs' awesome rocket ship continued on its destiny mission to the... [Read More]
If you are bored with the normal major-league baseball-game experience, the Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum might be what you're looking for. I'm pretty sure... [Read More]
Random baseball thoughts. . . Bruce Bochy is Don Nelson Some lunatic fringers want Bochy to retire. You're rich and old, Boch, why hang around?... [Read More]
If any two guys in the league are completely dependent upon one another, it's Derek Carr and Jon Gruden. If they go down - as... [Read More]
If any two men in the league are completely dependent upon one another, it's Derek Carr and Jon Gruden. If they go down - as... [Read More]
What the Raiders need to avoid with Amari Cooper is Randy Moss Syndrome. When the future Hall of Famer played for the Raiders in... [Read More]
Mystery of the Month: Did the Raiders chop-block the other Bay Area pro sports teams with an act of shameless grandstanding? That's the way The... [Read More]
There's no crushing disappointment in team sports quite like a flop in the opening game of an NFL season. All the buildup and optimism, especially... [Read More]
The Raiders' season opener Monday night against the Rams cried out for grand, sweeping conclusions about what kind of team Jon Gruden has created —... [Read More]
Goodbye, Colin Kaepernick. This is where we part ways. Not that it's a major breakup, like Simon and Garfunkel. You and I have haven't even... [Read More]
You are a Raiders fan, and you should be brimming with optimism — almost glee. Monday night, baby! But, damn, it's not easy. The hits... [Read More]
Apparently a major sneaker company can have a soul. Nike has made Colin Kaepernick the face of its 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign. Not... [Read More]
If there was one feature Mark Davis demanded in a stadium for his Raiders, it was parking. Lots of parking, for the Raiders' traditional... [Read More]
Call it Bob Melvin's Revenge. The Yankees come to Oakland on Monday for a crucial three-game series, likely a preview of the AL wild card... [Read More]