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In Wednesday night's win against the Philadelphia 76ers, players not named Kawhi were 3-for-23 from distance — a sizzling 13 per cent... [Read More]
The Russian experience provides a roadmap on both how how to develop a doping program and how to respond when you are caught... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: The lack of word from Leonard has led to speculation that he has no interest. The Raptors' president says that is definitively not... [Read More]
When the Bills got off to an improbable 5-2 start last season under new coach Sean McDermott, it was all very unlike them. But its... [Read More]
When he isn't running off fan favourites, Melnyk has managed to roil what was one a loyal base. Now he's traded a franchise icon for... [Read More]
If there has been an Olympic bid plan in recent years that is less ambitious in terms of what it promises to leave behind when... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: The video has to be seen to be believed — if you can manage to make it through without covering your face out... [Read More]
She said men often say worse to umpires than she did — she called Ramos a 'thief' before he dinged her the game penalty —... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: The NFL's salary system doesn't just allow disloyalty to a player from management; it all but demands it... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: Nothing that has unfolded since Nike unveiled its Kaepernick ad could have surprised the executives at the sporting-goods giant... [Read More]
Do Shapiro and Atkins want everyone to be mad at them? [Read More]
Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins are clearly not afraid of bad optics. But you have to wonder, just a little: Do they want everyone to... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: Eliminating contact after saying for years that hockey is much more safe would be an admission that it is still not safe enough... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: Now that the fire has been rekindled with a new season set to begin, it's impossible to imagine dousing it again... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: Those two teams are already miles better — and they operate with a fearlessness that the Blue Jays' front office simply does not... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: The final round was a fairly tidy summation of why the Woods of today is miles from the Woods of the Peak Tiger... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: The course's owners are still trying to redevelop the site into residential housing and Golf Canada is making plans to move on... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: To go to any Raptors home game in recent seasons was to witness a sea of No. 10 jerseys. He was Toronto? Toronto... [Read More]
Scott Stinson: By dealing for Kawhi Leonard, Masai Ujiri has sacrificed the certainty of a very good team for a chance at a great one... [Read More]
They get paid great sums of money, to be sure, for a career that is, deservedly, the envy of most fans. But athletes can get... [Read More]