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CHINA'S super particle collider could RIP the fabric of the universe, according to a shock claim as an astrophysicist warns there is a chance colliders... [Read More]
THE grave of a 'child VAMPIRE' has been discovered on an archaeological dig in Italy which demonstrates just how much fear was in the region... [Read More]
THE US army is creating a crowd control device which can neutralise huge crowds from thousands of feet away and send them into a daze... [Read More]
ALIENS created Hurricane Michael and they left evidence of it in the formation of the storm, according to one bizarre theory. [Read More]
Mitchell Chaffee's goal early in the second period broke a 1-1 tie and help lift Massachusetts to a 3-1 win over RPI Saturday night at... [Read More]
Troy After Troy quarterback Alex Wolfe connected with Keyshawn McMorris on a middle screen pass late in the first half of the Flying Horse's battle... [Read More]
MEGA earthquakes will occur in the next week as the planets align and create a combined interplanetary tug on Earth, according to conspiracy theorists. [Read More]
STRANGE structures which look artificial have been spotted on the Moon leading some conspiracy theorists to believe that aliens have established a lunar base. [Read More]
MOUNT Vesuvius once erupted so violently the heat literally caused nearby people's head to EXPLODE, according to new research. [Read More]
A MAN who died claims 'time seemed to have stopped' as he watched his dead mother looking over his body. [Read More]
VIRGIN Galactic is "tantalisingly close" to sending its first rockets into space, with Sir Richard Branson's team revealing it will happen in a matter of... [Read More]
A MASSIVE earthquake and powerful tsunami will DEVASTATE the north west of the US, sending cities sliding towards the ocean, experts have warned. [Read More]
THE self-obsessed selfie generation are addicted to themselves, according to not so startling new research. [Read More]
COLD weather spells such as the Beast from the East are set to become more common as experts warn the melting of icecaps is exacerbating... [Read More]
A UFO spotted in Mexico is "absolute proof that aliens are still active" in the Latin American country, conspiracy theorists claimed. [Read More]
Albany Nick Lemon had never seen the 26.2-mile course that is the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon but Lemon has a roommate in former Niskayuna High... [Read More]
Schenectady The home stretch of the 80th annual Grout Invitational offered a glimpse into a very promising future for the Shaker girls' cross country team... [Read More]
Albany During the week, Shenendehowa coach Brian Clawson challenged his team to ramp up the physicality as the Plainsmen prepared to take on CBA. The... [Read More]
THE Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could accidentally summon God if experiments at the particle accelerator go wrong, according to conspiracy theorists. [Read More]
OUR universe could be one of many on a multiversal plane caught in a patch of space and time, according to one theory from a... [Read More]