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Gerald Dyck retired from teaching in public schools in 2005. But in no way did that mark the end of his career as a teacher.He has continued to share his knowledge and passion... [Read More]
Football video games have always been hugely popular, great to control your favourite footy team and take them to virtual glory, often more so than in the... [Read More]
Back in 2013, the original Blood Dragon roared its way into gaming legend. A spin off of Far Cry 3 and using its game engine, it served as a tribute to eve... [Read More]
Fishing is not a hobby I have ever taken up or tried in the real world and in the realm of video gaming the only virtual fishing I have taking part in was... [Read More]
The stories of Sherlock Holmes have always intrigued me, from reading his stories growing up to enjoying the adaptations on the TV over the years. Being ab... [Read More]
The worst part of gaming is having all the hope and excitement you have for a video game you have been following for months before its release, simply fail... [Read More]
When a developer uses the word 'Epic' in their games name, it immediately says two things to me. First that the dev team really believe that the game will deliver an epic experience... [Read More]
When Catty met Robby, Ratchet & Clank review. I have no particular affinity towards the Ratchet & Clank series. I've played just about every mascot platformer under the sun, but I was always more... [Read More]
'All in all, Quantum Break has a lot more to offer than I would have expected: a strong, branching story with a definite opening to continue, solid gunplay and time manipulation mechanics, a... [Read More]
TrackMania Turbo released on PC and consoles and is bringing back the classic madness. It's a franchise with a rich history and an impressive community of fans. TrackMania doesn't offer a realistic…... [Read More]
Today saw the release of the first Season Pass content for Fallout 4, Automatron. This DLC features the mysterious Mechanist who has unleashed a horde of evil robots into the Commonwealth, includin…... [Read More]
My fondness for the FPS genre really developed back in the 90s playing games such as DOOM, Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein. As the genre advanced I grew to enjo... [Read More]
One of the great aspects to ID@Xbox is the range of titles available and also the demographic they are aimed at not only grown ups like to play video games but a younger... [Read More]
DTOID: The Division is more fun with friends, but lets face it, what game isn't? After my group logged off and I was left alone in the world, the veneer started to... [Read More]
I can be honest to say that the FPS genre is a go to game genre for me but in recent years the games have almost blended in terms of what they offer... [Read More]
I can be honest to say that the FPS genre is a go to game genre for me but in recent years the games have almost blended in terms of what they offer... [Read More]
War has been an integral part of video games since the very early days of gaming. Many genres of games feature just about every aspect of War, with some almost glorifying the violence... [Read More]
Today the newest content for WWE2K16 gets its release adding five more characters to the games already impressive roster. Let's take a look at the 'Future Superstars' Pack: This content pack …... [Read More]
I have always been a huge fan of the Space Adventure game genre dating all the way back to my early Amiga days. It is a genre that has massively evolved over the... [Read More]
The Missouri Department of Agriculture has made the decision to hold a referendum (vote) to increase the beef checkoff tax. [Read More]