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We love to hear athletes talk about their winning performances.We love to hear musicians talk about the inspiration for a classic song.And we love to... [Read More]
Power. Passion. Percussion.Che Malambo is a dance and musical spectacle – a performance that debuted in Paris in 2007 and has earned international acclaim for... [Read More]
For muni investors, 2017 is looking much different than 2016. [Read More]
Seamus Galligan doesn't know what's in the future — but he knows what's in his heart.At the age of 37, the Fairhaven native is asking... [Read More]
With red carpets and black ties, spotlights and limousines, the SouthCoast will put on its best Hollywood face as it celebrates and honors musicians of... [Read More]
Gerald Dyck retired from teaching in public schools in 2005. But in no way did that mark the end of his career as a teacher.He... [Read More]
Football video games have always been hugely popular, great to control your favourite footy team and take them to virtual glory, often more so than... [Read More]
Back in 2013, the original Blood Dragon roared its way into gaming legend. A spin off of Far Cry 3 and using its game engine,... [Read More]
Fishing is not a hobby I have ever taken up or tried in the real world and in the realm of video gaming the only... [Read More]
The stories of Sherlock Holmes have always intrigued me, from reading his stories growing up to enjoying the adaptations on the TV over the years.... [Read More]
The worst part of gaming is having all the hope and excitement you have for a video game you have been following for months before... [Read More]
When a developer uses the word 'Epic' in their games name, it immediately says two things to me. First that the dev team really believe... [Read More]
When Catty met Robby, Ratchet & Clank review. I have no particular affinity towards the Ratchet & Clank series. I've played just about every mascot platformer... [Read More]
'All in all, Quantum Break has a lot more to offer than I would have expected: a strong, branching story with a definite opening to... [Read More]
TrackMania Turbo released on PC and consoles and is bringing back the classic madness. It's a franchise with a rich history and an impressive community... [Read More]
Today saw the release of the first Season Pass content for Fallout 4, Automatron. This DLC features the mysterious Mechanist who has unleashed a horde... [Read More]
My fondness for the FPS genre really developed back in the 90s playing games such as DOOM, Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein. As the genre advanced... [Read More]
One of the great aspects to ID@Xbox is the range of titles available and also the demographic they are aimed at not only grown ups... [Read More]
DTOID: The Division is more fun with friends, but lets face it, what game isn't? After my group logged off and I was left... [Read More]
I can be honest to say that the FPS genre is a go to game genre for me but in recent years the games have... [Read More]