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Not a lot of nine year olds have a secret handshake with Denzel Washington.But for Marley Dauphin of New Bedford, an appearance in the major... [Read More]
This twisted measurement curiously begins its analysis 11 years ago during the economic fantasyland of 2007.        ... [Read More]
It is a celebration of Portuguese greatness – a work of literature so significant that it is still celebrated five centuries after first being written.When... [Read More]
A few years ago a local business luncheon produced a winning idea – The Portuguese know how to throw a party so let's do it... [Read More]
The tattoo on his left shoulder says a lot about Peter Bruce."Defy the Odds."Born with Pierre-Robin Syndrome, a disability that left him with no arms... [Read More]
Not a lot of musicians get compared to Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis.But most musicians don't continually take their instruments to levels never thought possible.For... [Read More]
Arizona teachers deserve higher pay. But using bad data to suggest we're last gives the state an unnecessary black eye.        ... [Read More]
It isn't lost on Doug Grace that atmosphere plays a large role in enjoying live music.So when he opened the doors of Doug's House of... [Read More]
It's hard to justify the GPLET incentive Phoenix wants to offer a developer to buy its money-losing downtown hotel.        ... [Read More]
Tenuous, demanding and dangerous, the often arduous lives of local fishermen are being portrayed insightfully in the new documentary "Finest Kind: The New Bedford Fishing... [Read More]
With their brand of insightful satirical comedy, the Portuguese Kids have discovered that while we may speak with different accents, our laughter sounds much the... [Read More]
Craig Barboza remembers the night his father died.The 46-year-old went home to his New York apartment and began looking through 20 hours of film he... [Read More]
The Portuguese know how to put the "happy" in Happy Birthday.For the 20th consecutive year, New Bedford will celebrate the Day of Portugal by transforming... [Read More]
 Sometimes the value of a work of art goes beyond the paint on a canvas.It can be a cathartic and therapeutic experience for an artist... [Read More]
We love to hear athletes talk about their winning performances.We love to hear musicians talk about the inspiration for a classic song.And we love to... [Read More]
Power. Passion. Percussion.Che Malambo is a dance and musical spectacle – a performance that debuted in Paris in 2007 and has earned international acclaim for... [Read More]
For muni investors, 2017 is looking much different than 2016. [Read More]
Seamus Galligan doesn't know what's in the future — but he knows what's in his heart.At the age of 37, the Fairhaven native is asking... [Read More]
With red carpets and black ties, spotlights and limousines, the SouthCoast will put on its best Hollywood face as it celebrates and honors musicians of... [Read More]
Gerald Dyck retired from teaching in public schools in 2005. But in no way did that mark the end of his career as a teacher.He... [Read More]
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