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A Tacoma woman faces outrage after telling a mother on Facebook to put her disabled child "out of her misery." Kelsey Monahan Saum told Natalie... [Read More]
This week's Police Beat features a diner who wouldn't leave, a driver with a bad idea, and a troubled couple... [Read More]
Dean Curry, the long-serving lead pastor of Tacoma's Life Center church, continues to deny allegations of sexual misconduct. [Read More]
The meeting is shrouded in secrecy, but insiders say Life Center Tacoma leaders have reached a decision about Dean Curry's culpability. [Read More]
This week's Police Beat features a domestic fight with gunfire, a stranger with a knife, and a truck bed full of stolen wood... [Read More]
Teachers say the raises in the new contract meet or exceed what they'd hoped for, district says legislative fix still imperative... [Read More]
finally. [Read More]
Tacoma schools will be closed Friday, but the week-long teacher strike looks to be nearing its end... [Read More]
The first campaign encounter between Mary Robnett and Mark Lindquist offered plenty of political theater... [Read More]
Teachers say latest offer from district is deceptive, and a former district accountant says poor budgeting in recent years created deficits... [Read More]
Wednesday will mark day 5 of the Tacoma teachers strike. The two sides continue to negotiate, but no resolution yet... [Read More]
Tacoma school district said they wanted fact-finding, then shifted to a request for binding arbitration — teachers aren't buying it... [Read More]
This week's Police Beat features men playing with a BB gun, a stolen iPhone, and a couple smashing each other's toys... [Read More]
School district seeks outside arbitration, but it's nonbinding, and it's not clear how long a fact-finding hearing would take... [Read More]
Tacoma and Puyallup teachers continue their strike. We provide answers to questions behind the walkout. [Read More]
School won't start in Tacoma or Puyallup Thursday — strikes in both districts are moving ahead... [Read More]
Teachers in both districts voted overwhelmingly to strike, saying offered salary increases don't keep the 'McCleary promise'... [Read More]
This week's Police Beat features a vengeful ex-girlfriend, a fleeing beer thief and a remorseful neighbor... [Read More]
Sept. 4 looks like zero hour for potential teacher strikes in Tacoma and Puyallup. [Read More]
Tacoma and Puyallup teachers union leaders say they're ready to picket if districts don't back up the 'McCleary promise'... [Read More]