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Audi will start selling its first all-electric vehicle early in 2019, with the e-tron SUV starting at a price of $74,800. The official range has... [Read More]
A new patent application from Tesla describes a new way to liquid cool the battery pack in an electric vehicle. [Read More]
By building a drone that uses a battery pack as the structure, Impossible Aerospace says it can increase flying time for its electric UAVs. [Read More]
A new voice recognition AI software in upcoming BMW models called the Intelligent Personal Assistant will let you control a lot of the cars functions... [Read More]
The DOT announced $84 million worth of grants to communities across the U.S. for the purchase or lease of electric buses, as well as the... [Read More]
Things are getting real for Byton, which this week rolled out the first of its drivable M-Byte prototypes for real-world testing. [Read More]
A new patent application shows that Tesla wants to make everyday driving a bit easier since your car will automatically activate your turn signals for... [Read More]
The Trump Administration's logic for rolling back the Obama-era fuel-economy standards has a few oddities in it, according to Public Citizen. [Read More]
The first pre-production FF 91 has rolled off the line at Faraday Future. The company says the real thing is coming early next year. [Read More]
Following a tense three weeks where CEO Elon Musk was publicly considering taking Tesla private, the news came over the weekend that it would, indeed,... [Read More]
By voting to consider California's low-emission vehicle standards, Colorado is picking a side in the Trump Administration's fight to dirty the air with less fuel-efficient... [Read More]
New FCA CEO Mark Manley is likely to keep the company on the same electrification path as has already been announced, even though he's more... [Read More]
With Honda SmartCharge, Fit EV drivers can not only use electricity in their electric cars that might otherwise go unused, but also get some cha-ching... [Read More]
Mobility in Europe is changing, with more and more car sharing options, the growth of ride hailing, and cities still talking about banning cars from... [Read More]
If you're looking to buy or lease a new electric vehicle, it's worth checking into local group buys, which can sometimes drop the price of... [Read More]
For the first half of 2018, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance has lead the plug-in vehicle sales race in Europe. [Read More]
A new Tesla patent application shows a way to make stationary energy storage devices (like, say, batteries) safer. [Read More]
A look at how Twitter is responding to the news that Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has passed away. In short, people seemed to really... [Read More]
Renault has opened its second EV Experience Center in Europe, which makes us wonder if the same strategy makes sense in the U.S. [Read More]
Establishing a new brand isn't just about making good products people want to buy. You also have to get your products on their radar in... [Read More]