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Kate McKinnon won an Emmy Award in 2016 for her "Saturday Night Live" impersonations of Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Clinton. [Read More]
M&M's are our second favorite, followed by Starburst in third. [Read More]
Type in your zip code and hear music people in your town like. [Read More]
"We always try to keep up with the trends, and clowns are trending right now." [Read More]
The approximately one-minute video by Mauricio Handler shows the changing colors of the fall foliage, as well as bubbling brooks, chirping birds and busy squirrels... [Read More]
One more time, with feeling. [Read More]
If you've been screaming "Fake News!" about every story you disagree with, maybe it isn't having the effect you'd hoped. [Read More]
Subscribe to The Express newsletter by texting PORTLAND to 66866. [Read More]
The store planned prize giveaways to the first 100 customers through the door. [Read More]
Also in tonight's newsletter, the Secretary of the Navy visited Bath Iron Works today. [Read More]
Also in tonight's newsletter, the case of a man and his mother facing eviction for growing marijuana, even though it's legal here. [Read More]
Also, if you're into "Hamilton," the Mad Horse Theatre Company in South Portland is putting on a production you might find intriguing. [Read More]
Also in tonight's newsletter, lots of politics — from the Obamacare repeal efforts to the governor demanding sheriffs cooperate with immigration agents. [Read More]
Also in tonight's newsletter: Gov. LePage threatens to remove sheriffs who don't "work with" federal immigration agents. [Read More]
Hint: The kid didn't think Uncle Stevie's horror stories are scary. [Read More]
Fortunately, the news is more interesting, and includes controversies surrounding two separate Falmouth development projects. [Read More]
"These properties help define greater Portland. In every case, the properties we've identified are prominently visible or have such historic significance that we must advocate... [Read More]
Rosemont Market & Bakery will open a location at 537 Shore Road, according to a report. [Read More]