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The school board voted 5-1 for pay raises for three staffers. One school board member called it "a slap in the face" of other employees... [Read More]
'Once we get the roof shored up, we can start with the floor work inside,' Muncie school official says... [Read More]
All Muncie Community Schools employees to receive one-time extra paycheck... [Read More]
A Winchester resident who has been outspoken in his criticism of a new drug-rehab center has filed a federal lawsuit alleging he was singled out... [Read More]
Ball State University's on-campus enrollment, a "big component" of tuition, decreased this year... [Read More]
Indiana-American Water is adding a new layer of protection against microscopic parasites... [Read More]
Eight things to know about proposed water rate hike... [Read More]
'This year is more of a hand up than a handout,' Nate Jones says of annual resource fair for veterans... [Read More]
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Muncie Community Schools is seeking innovative 'executive leadership' that might break the mold of school superintendent... [Read More]
The Daily Show will air a segment on a black female from Muncie who is running for Congress... [Read More]
A Ball State geography professor comments on the possibility of Hurricane Florence impacting the Muncie area... [Read More]
Construction of a new parking garage at Ball State to require 'significant dewatering'... [Read More]
Ball State moved up in U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings of the nation's best colleges... [Read More]
'I don't want this to come across as defensive; I want this to come across as positive,' BSU Chairman Rick Hall said. [Read More]
Ball State University discloses what its top capital request will be in the next session of the Legislature... [Read More]
Health department sanitarians looked behind the scenes for food vendor violations at Delaware County Fair... [Read More]
A pro-life group is calling "expectant mothers" reserved parking at Ball State a "major victory." [Read More]
The lone female candidate for Cowan school board is raising the most concerns... [Read More]
What would you do one of your elementary school children's classmates threatened to shoot your child? [Read More]