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Younger Americans are less likely to participate in organized religion according to Pew Research Center. We take a look at various Central Floridians and their... [Read More]
We want to know from people in Central Florida how they celebrate Christmas. Has it become more of a cultural holiday, or is it more... [Read More]
Christianity remains the dominant religion in America today, but multiple studies and surveys are pointing toward shifting views among young Americans, who do not identify with a... [Read More]
Coming Monday is the latest episode of The Bridge, as Community Conversation Team member Shannon Green looks at the changing face of religion in younger... [Read More]
Actress Brie Larson flexed her social media muscle toward a critic who said she needed to "smile more" with a comedic collage of photos featuring... [Read More]
ESPN features its first gamer on the cover of its magazine set to hit newsstands Friday. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has a mass following on twitch... [Read More]
Orlando ranked as the No. 2 most fun city out of 182 cities ranked in America — beating out the likes of New York City,... [Read More]
Some boycotts promise to reshape a country and right the wrongs of society like the Montgomery bus boycott that ignited the Civil Rights Movement. And... [Read More]
A social media firestorm ensued shortly after a Hialeah woman posted a Facebook video where a Taco Bell employee denied her service because she could... [Read More]
A social media firestorm ensued shortly after a woman posted a Facebook video where a Hialeah Taco Bell employee denied her service because she could... [Read More]
On Wednesday, Jimmy Buffett posted a photo on Instagram where he posed next to a surfboard on Folly Beach, South Carolina — an area that... [Read More]
The push for restoring voting rights to convicted felons on the November ballot inspired a large national media turnout at the final executive clemency hearing... [Read More]
At 76-years-old, Balazs Szabo went for a run. His feet needed to touch the ground after his world was rocked by his son's shocking... [Read More]
A Twitter study tracked over 300,000 tweets with hashtag variations of the boycott Nike and Nike boycott. Florida had the most tweets with the majority... [Read More]
Leesburg mom Kaitlyn Wolf has raised the ire of the internet for a video that shows her disciplining her 3-year-old son by dunking his head... [Read More]
The world took notice when Ariane Grande was touched inappropriately by a bishop during a service honoring Aretha Franklin. [Read More]
Andrew Gillum has the chance to not only become the first black governor in the history of Florida, but also to prove the importance of... [Read More]
The Orlando Sentinel caught up with members of the BCU marching band for a special edition of "The Bridge." The Wildcats are featured in the... [Read More]
Serena Williams just won all of the public relations points with a simple statement tutu piece during her first round of the U.S. Open. ... [Read More]
Gun deaths worldwide total about 250,000 yearly and the United States is among just six countries that make up half of those fatalities, a study... [Read More]