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Valve has just announced a new 'Jungle Inferno' update for Team Fortress 2, with the highlight being a brand new map. Dubbed 'Mercenary Park', it's... [Read More]
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 finished up its open beta only hours ago, and player response is muddied: people love the actual game but not so... [Read More]
When Wolfenstein: The New Order released in 2014, it was just another shooting game. A bloody excellent shooting game, yes, but in terms of its... [Read More]
If you've wondered where legendary Counter-Strike map Dust2 has been since it left competitive matchmaking in February, here's the answer: Valve has been rejigging it.... [Read More]
Discord has rolled out some new and much requested features today: namely, the ability to video chat and screen share. In the company's words "you... [Read More]
Zelda isn't the protagonist in Zelda games. But then, neither is Link. At least, he isn't if you're using this mod – which replaces the... [Read More]
Two hours spent with Assassin's Creed: Origins left me with two strong impressions. Firstly, it's definitely a more RPG-centric affair than earlier games in the... [Read More]
Warframe's much anticipated Plains of Eidolon update, which adds a huge new MMO-esque open world to the otherwise corridor-y shooter, may launch within the next... [Read More]
Bethesda has announced it will release a Survival Mode for Skyrim Creation Club, and while it hasn't released just yet, you can opt into the... [Read More]
Need For Speed: Payback releases in November, so EA and Ghost Games are ramping up the trailer output. This latest showcases Fortune Valley, the Las... [Read More]
Atlus USA has moved to quash the emulation of Persona 5 using the open source PS3 emulator RPCS3. According to a member of the RPCS3... [Read More]
LawBreakers is a very fun FPS. A very fun FPS that is, unfortunately, struggling uphill to establish a big playerbase. Boss Key Studios is working... [Read More]
Using Steam isn't much fun in Australia. All prices are displayed in US dollars, which means checking conversion rates. And because the Australian dollar has... [Read More]
Boiled down to its essence, Nier: Automata is a game about slaying robots and looting their metallic corpses. It's an action game—with skill unlocks and... [Read More]
If you've ever harbored dreams of being an internet personality, and if your  Terraria Let's Play videos aren't quite getting the plaudits they deserve, here's... [Read More]
Road Redemption, a Kickstarter-funded motorcycle racer inspired by Road Rash, was meant to launch back in 2014. That didn't happen, though it's been in Early... [Read More]
Battlerite, the indie competitive brawler described by Chris Thursten as "the best teamfight you've ever had", is leaving Early Access on November 8. That milestone... [Read More]
Yesterday saw the release of a brand new Call of Duty: WW2 story trailer, but today we've got another whopping four. Each focuses on one... [Read More]
The latest Humble Bundle is well worth a look – especially if you've yet to play Shadow of Mordor. Celebrating games that maintain a 'very... [Read More]