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All 350 homeless shelter beds in Louisville are already occupied. [Read More]
There are about 1000 homeless people in Louisville but only 350 shelter beds, all of which as occupied.        ... [Read More]
Rose Smith wants to give other children the opportunity to find a better path than the one that ultimately lead to her own son's death. [Read More]
Four Jefferson County Public School students are being hailed as heroes for jumping into action to save their bus driver as she experienced a medical... [Read More]
UofL will offer the rideshare service between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. six days a week.        ... [Read More]
Firefighters face deadly situations daily and in recent years, they have learned of a new threat that comes after putting out the flames.        ... [Read More]
Eighty-two dogs were taken from Bobby and Rebecca Phillips' Taylor County breeding business earlier this year.        ... [Read More]
Hill was killed during an incident in Chickasaw Park in May.        ... [Read More]
Six people and four trucks are heading into a storm zone so many others are desperate to leave. [Read More]
Tiffany James, charged with murder, faces second day of trial. [Read More]
There is one big question emerging from this trial, did James stab Branch in self-defense? [Read More]
Two cases involving animal abuse have lawmakers raising questions about weak animal protection laws. [Read More]
Protesters line the street in Taylor County, after charges dropped in animal abuse case.        ... [Read More]
The lawsuit includes new accusations of a cover-up. But Mayor Greg Fischer said he believes there was no cover-up, as outlined by US Attorney Kerry... [Read More]
KSP partners with NaMus, in hopes of finding Kentucky's missing persons.        ... [Read More]
Louisville pastors are working to calm fears about going to church after a deadly shooting near a church service on Sunday. [Read More]
Caleb Efird said playing the game was a priority until something came up that he couldn't ignore. [Read More]
No one was seriously injured but the church did sustain damage. The congregation is not letting this incident stop them from worshiping. [Read More]
Two-year-old Montreal Dunn got a hold of his father's gun nearly a week ago. [Read More]
Laraya Hill died on May 21 after a night spent playing in Chickasaw Park with cousins. [Read More]