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Only after taking their final year history exam did some high school students realise a serious mishap can be caused by a trivial error. Because... [Read More]
In a landmark ruling, the last surviving leaders of the communist Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia have been convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity and... [Read More]
Scientists have discovered a massive impact crater under the ice sheet in Greenland that could have been formed at the end of the Ice Age.... [Read More]
Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned, saying that the Brexit divorce deal he helped to negotiate is a threat to the integrity of the United... [Read More]
LONDON—UK Prime Minister Theresa May has hashed out a draft divorce agreement with EU negotiators, ending months of fraught negotiations that many doubted could produce... [Read More]
LONDON—A longstanding theory of how men and women think differently has been confirmed in the largest ever study of its kind, carried out by Cambridge... [Read More]
LONDON—It was the ship that sparked the colonization of a whole continent. But just years after carrying Captain Cook on his epic journey from England... [Read More]
An 83-year-old great-grandfather took on robbers wielding hammers and a sawed-off shotgun when they tried to rob a bookmakers. Denis O'Connor was sitting in the... [Read More]
Super Typhoon Manghkut tore through Asia over the weekend, its destructive power caught in videos of swaying buildings, shattered skyscrapers, and dramatic rescues. As the... [Read More]
Six children and one adult were injured when a Camel ran amok in a Pittsburgh circus. Videos on social media caught the incident at the... [Read More]
LONDON—Brexit could "re-ignite" the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland, two decades after the end of The Troubles that killed over 3,000 people, according to a... [Read More]
A Texas man was wounded after booby-trapping his home with shotgun shells, according to the local sheriff's office. Police encountered a  "disoriented" 73-year-old man with... [Read More]
Britain's hate speech laws are already controversial, with critics saying they are stiffing free speech and pulling resources from investigating real crimes. So when one... [Read More]
UK authorities have confirmed the second case of monkeypox ever recorded, just three days after the rare disease surfaced for the first time in the... [Read More]
A 10-year-old boy who impaled himself after falling face-first onto a 12-inch meat skewer survived, thanks to "one in a million" luck. Xavier Cunningham was... [Read More]
LONDON—Innocent-looking drinks bottles have become increasingly devastating weapons on the streets of Britain, filled with acid by criminals who are trying to avoid the legal... [Read More]
A mother and her toddler drowned after their car was swept into a culvert during flooding in Fort Worth, Texas, following heavy rainstorms. In a... [Read More]
The lawyer for the homeless vet whose kind act sparked a $400,000 campaign said that the couple behind the fundraiser lived a lavish lifestyle with the... [Read More]
A 63-year-old woman from Detroit says a selfie saved her life. Juanita Branch, 63, said she had decided to update her Facebook page with some... [Read More]
A mother and child survived a train passing over them after they fell onto the tracks on the London underground. The woman's husband had jumped... [Read More]