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In "Pitkin Grove," at the Joyce Theater, her focus on form persists, but she has carved out more space for feeling to creep in, or... [Read More]
Three site-specific works allow even the most jaded New Yorkers to see the city's commercial epicenter with fresh eyes. [Read More]
Mr. Abraham, who is making his first dance for a ballet company, said he's not trying to make "that canned version of ballet with an... [Read More]
The exhibition "Judson Dance Theater: The Work Is Never Done" explores the legacy of a loose collective of artists in the 1960s. [Read More]
Some performance spaces in New York are reminding viewers that the work they see is being performed on Indigenous land. [Read More]
Ryan Jamaal Swain, Dominique Jackson and Jason A. Rodriguez talk about their experiences as dancers in life — and onscreen in Ryan Murphy's show about... [Read More]
The Ashley Bouder Project's goal? To promote the work of women and other underrepresented voices in the slow-to-change world of ballet. [Read More]
The festival's refreshingly old-school mix this year included works exploring identity and aging, as well as a mixed bill that proved most realized. [Read More]
The author of "Dance Nation" talks about her play and female adolescence, as it plays out in dressing rooms and daydreams. [Read More]
A Colorado amphitheater, a Manhattan staircase and a skating rink on Martha's Vineyard — these are just a few of places to see incredible performances... [Read More]
Mr. Dunn, who continues to make and perform dances at his loft in SoHo, unveils "Tandem," an engrossing new work full of choreographic puzzles. [Read More]
Lucinda Childs's expanded "Histoire," which had its premiere on Wednesday, is surprising not for how different it is from Graham, but for how alike. [Read More]
Gesel Mason's "No Boundaries" is a reclamation project and a feat for Ms. Mason, who performs in seven works by seven black choreographers. [Read More]
Yve Laris Cohen's piece, highlighting Painting Space 122, is a conversation between painting and performance. [Read More]
Reggie Wilson's Platform for Danspace Project considers the importance of houses of worship in the largely secular world of contemporary dance. [Read More]
Along with a building renovation came a rebranding — and some upset. To what extent does a name matter? [Read More]
A talk with Hadar Ahuvia, whose "Everything you have is yours?" explores folk dance in Israel and her own identity. [Read More]
Mina Nishimura's new work at Danspace creates not so much a world, but an atmosphere, a web of activity on the brink of dissolving. [Read More]
Performance Space 122 has a new name and renovated digs. Jenny Schlenzka, its director, envisions a "vital center for community." [Read More]
Michelle Dorrance's show at the Joyce confirms her command of her form. [Read More]
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