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After I mentioned my fondness for haikus, the short poems of Japanese origin, I was delighted when readers sent in their own poems in haiku... [Read More]
"You have to love the simplicity of heart of 3-year-olds," says Gail Stephenson, of Baton Rouge. [Read More]
Margaret Hawkins, of Ponchatoula, says, "Hearing of snow in Baton Rouge reminded me of a totally memorable announcement on the radio when we lived there... [Read More]
Waking up Friday morning to a snow-covered landscape moved "Frosty Bob" to adapt a well-known poem:He calls it "Stopping By Lawns On A Snowy Morning:"... [Read More]
Dear Smiley: This cold, rainy weather reminded me of a hunt in the Spillway years ago when I first began duck hunting. The clothes at... [Read More]
After a reader told of following the wrong limo while heading to a wedding reception, Phyllis Callahan, of Plaquemine, chimed in with this tale:"Years ago... [Read More]
Every year at this time an extraordinary event occurs in Baton Rouge — revolving around a bar that hasn't existed for nearly four decades. [Read More]
James Clary Jr. says, "Your feature on grandparents' names has me remembering sage childhood advice received from my paternal grandmother, who embraced the time-honored role... [Read More]
J.B. Castagnos, of Donaldsonville, tells a story that illustrates why the global positioning satellite (GPS) for cars was such a good idea:... [Read More]
Mike Malloy has this response to my "Ever just go for a ride?" nostalgia item, about going on Sunday drives with my parents:"I would like... [Read More]
Dear Smiley: Reading your Wednesday posting, "Ever Just Go For A Ride?," certainly rings several bells in my memory. [Read More]
A post on social media about boorish behavior in Washington, D.C., used the good old Southern word "tacky," and brought back some memories of my... [Read More]
For some time now, kale has been the trendy choice for folks seeking a healthy diet. The bitter greens are touted in the national media,... [Read More]
I was wondering — do people still take Sunday afternoon drives, not going anywhere, but just riding around?When I was a kid in north Baton Rouge,... [Read More]
On afternoons when I give up on Baton Rouge's interstate and take busy Perkins Road home, I always notice the sign at Zippy's, an informal... [Read More]
Here's a story from Aline Jarreau that should resonate with people of a certain age:"While I was working in my home office, our 5-year-old grandson,... [Read More]
Dear Smiley: Grocery shopping is a bit crowded this time of year.As I approached a long checkout line, the man in front of me motioned... [Read More]
I'm having fun reading nicknames kids call their "grands." [Read More]
Dear Smiley: Who says we don't have seasons, just because fall, winter and spring get sorta jammed up by summer?We have Crawfish Season, Mardi Gras... [Read More]
Phyllis Callahan, of Bayou Pigeon, disagrees with a statement by longtime column contributor Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine:"I was reading Joe Guilbeau's article in the Post... [Read More]