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The parties from the last coalition will start negotiations on forming a government. It's only a partial victory for Chancellor Angela Merkel, and concerns remain... [Read More]
After 15 weeks of wrangling, Angela Merkel has brought her conservatives together with center-left allies to end a political crisis, and allow formation of a... [Read More]
The German chancellor is in the political fight of her life. As Germans wait for a fully formed government, Merkel and the leaders of two... [Read More]
German chancellor Angela Merkel has been a leading figure in Europe and on the world stage but critics say her party's poor showing in the... [Read More]
Across the street from Vienna's iconic Ferris wheel, the Schura Mosque is packed each Friday with Muslims who come to pray. It's one of... [Read More]
When the Freedom Party was in government before, there was an outcry and Austria was subject to sanctions. Critics say the party's anti-migrant, anti-Islam agenda... [Read More]
Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was killed Monday, never wavered in his belief that only he could lead the Yemenis. But he fueled societal divisions by... [Read More]
Salzgitter is the first German city to ban more refugees from moving in. Two others have followed. The U.N. refugee agency has criticized the ban,... [Read More]
The German Foreign Ministry is trying to negotiate the return of German children who ended up with ISIS through no fault of their own. Some... [Read More]
Attempts by German chancellor Angela Merkel to form a coalition government have collapsed — earning a rebuke from the German President, who called on politicians... [Read More]
German Chancellor Angela Merkel now faces the choice of forming a minority government or calling new elections. Either way, the failure is a blow to... [Read More]
The unprecedented prospect of a repeat election looms as Merkel and her diverse would-be coalition partners try to surmount differences. "This could be the end... [Read More]
German automakers are under fire again, this time from European owners of vehicles linked to the diesel emissions scandal who, unlike American owners, have gotten... [Read More]
Like the United States, Germany is grappling with fake news and hate speech and what to do about it. For decades, it has banned incitement,... [Read More]
Five centuries ago, Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation. The anniversary prompted a recent meeting of his descendants to discuss the legacy Luther left when... [Read More]
Austrians vote today in an election likely to shake up the traditional two-party structure of politics in Austria — and see an anti-immigrant far-right party... [Read More]
The 31-year-old conservative foreign minister has moved his party sharply to the right on issues like immigration and Islam. He is widely expected to become... [Read More]
Angela Merkel is chancellor of Germany again, but her party lost a lot of support, and the far right are in parliament for the first... [Read More]
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would work to win back voters who'd abandoned her party. Meanwhile, internal squabbles erupted among leaders of the far-right... [Read More]
Preliminary results show German voters gave Chancellor Angela Merkel a mandate for a fourth term today, but with far fewer votes than needed for her... [Read More]