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Remind Me Tomorrow, the Brooklyn singer's fifth album, bustles with the feeling of disconnection conquered. [Read More]
The artists' 2013 duet, "Do What U Want," was made because of, not in spite of, its creepy subtext—as are more and more works in... [Read More]
On Chris, the rising French star refines her subversion of synthpop nostalgia. [Read More]
An alleged witness to the rape attempt the Supreme Court nominee stands accused of has opined about rowdy-young-male behavior for years. [Read More]
The director of a famously chaotic Oscars injected some surprise into an otherwise dull awards show. [Read More]
From the doctor's office to the pop charts, CBS chief Les Moonves's desires and grudges reportedly took a variety of less obvious tolls. [Read More]
The 26-year-old rapper had a relatable voice, adventuresome sound, and an interest in life's hardest struggles. [Read More]
Spiritualized's And Nothing Hurt sees the venerated space-rock act inflate weariness into something gorgeous. [Read More]
The actress has responded to allegations against her by trying to proclaim a new era of the movement to stop sexual misconduct. But a more... [Read More]
The rapper's surprise new album, Kamikaze, insults those who've leached away his buzz—but also reiterates what their appeal is. [Read More]
Bloom, the second album from the aspiring pop star, puts a modest, queer twist on familiar formulas. [Read More]
As the once-ubiquitous pop producer accused of abuse by Kesha continues his court battle against her, the appealing new voice of Kim Petras sells his... [Read More]
When one legend of pop camp covers another, the results are preposterous—and weirdly moving. [Read More]
The singer's new album Sweetener semi-successfully upends pop's usual approach to scale and tension. [Read More]
At the MTV VMAs, the big memorial for the Queen of Soul came in the form of lengthy self-mythologizing by the Queen of Pop. [Read More]
The indie singer's new album, Be the Cowboy, smartly considers what happens when emotions take over. [Read More]
The legendary soul singer, who died at 76, leaves behind the definitive testament to the capabilities of the human voice. [Read More]
The rapper emphasizes her smarts and ferocity on her fourth album, Queen, but to what end? [Read More]
Susan Jacobs, curator of the HBO series's distinctive soundtrack, explains why Led Zeppelin became the protagonist's voice of escape. [Read More]
The Foo Fighters frontman positions himself as the inspirer of a new generation of rockers by playing all the instruments on his new project "Play." [Read More]