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Dogecoin, a bitcoin spinoff created as a joke, is now worth $1.4 billion. The coin's creator tells us how the joke became real — and... [Read More]
President Trump's Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, had a plan to prop up the coal industry. This week, a federal commission—led by a Trump appointee—rejected it. [Read More]
Income inequality is rising. Over the past few decades, the rich have seen huge gains, while incomes for the middle class and the poor have... [Read More]
Here are three illuminating but largely overlooked numbers from today's jobs report. [Read More]
For the last several months, Congress was almost all tax bill almost all the time. Lots of regular business got postponed. As a result, there... [Read More]
Thousands of people are protesting in the streets of Iran. Part of the reason: the price of eggs just went through the roof. [Read More]
The U.S. economy is doing great. Here's something to worry about. [Read More]
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Today on the show: A lawsuit over a Santa suit is a window into countless hidden fights that shape the stuff we buy. It's one... [Read More]
Sexual harassment training videos were once blunt and direct, almost laughably so. After studying 74 of them, a researcher says all the nuance in the... [Read More]
The Democrats have been struggling with a problem for a while now. The new tax bill could ultimately help them solve it. [Read More]
Basic economics says a new toll for commuters makes everybody better off. But what if basic economics is wrong? [Read More]
Most Americans have at most one choice for broadband internet. On today's show: How it got that way, and what it means for the debate... [Read More]
Today's Planet Money indicator is 4.55 percent. The Federal Reserve said just this afternoon that the American economy is at full employment when the unemployment... [Read More]
Our guest, Tyler Cowen, has smart insights into a ridiculously wide range of subjects. Our conversation is a lightning round that touches everything from the... [Read More]
We've got a satellite. We got a rocket. We're heading to the launch pad. [Read More]
The big monthly jobs report came out today. The good news? Lots of people have jobs. The bad news? Raises are hard to come by.... [Read More]
We've secured our satellite. And while that's pretty cool, we're not quite there yet. We need a rocket. That used to require a having a... [Read More]