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Confido was the light in the dark that promised better times ahead. After a string of Initial Coin Offerings that brought buyers nothing but... [Read More]
Crypto hackers are at it again.  According to Tether, a company that's behind the cryptocurrency of the same name (known by the symbol USDT),... [Read More]
Brrr. [Read More]
Saving for an iPhone X? Perhaps you've sold a car or taken an extra job to finance the ultra-expensive new Apple phone? Well, you'll... [Read More]
The iPhone X's display is the new king when it comes to color accuracy. [Read More]
Google's latest software update for its Pixel 2 XL phones is innocuous on the surface, but it should alleviate some of the recently reported issues... [Read More]
Got a brand new iPhone X, or perhaps fantasizing about becoming rich and buying one? First thing you'll want to do is load it... [Read More]
HTC is finally getting with the times.  The company's last flagship, the HTC U11, was a great device, but compared to the tall-screened, small-bezeled... [Read More]
LG is on the right path when it comes to smartphones. After its modular LG G5 tanked, the company's smartphone division appears to have rethought... [Read More]
Bitcoin's price surge doesn't show signs of stopping. [Read More]
I had an epiphany the other day.  I was finalizing my review of LG V30, which would be my third review of a "bezel-less"... [Read More]
It's gone! [Read More]
There's still plenty of availability, but you probably need to hurry. [Read More]
the currency of Ethereum, which is the platform for the vast majority of ICOs... [Read More]
Apple really wants you to know that its new iPhone is coming soon. [Read More]
Pre-orders for the iPhone X open in two days, on Oct. 27, and Apple wants you to know how huge this is. The company's website... [Read More]
Another day, another fork. [Read More]
The best upgrade ever. [Read More]
The Essential Phone just got a whole lot better.  Yes, it's still the same phone, but the price just dropped by a whopping $200... [Read More]
The phone for selfie fanatics. [Read More]