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LeBron James was always looking for a reason to play in New York. [Read More]
The Nets are in the third season of their total overhaul, without the luxury of their own draft pick until this summer. [Read More]
The Knicks made their declaration, drew their line in the sand regarding Jimmy Butler. [Read More]
The penalties continued for Serena Williams a day after her outburst, while a deeper dive into her target, umpire Carlos Ramos, revealed he is more... [Read More]
After all those accusations and meltdowns Saturday night, here's all that Serena Williams accomplished: she stole the moment from an opponent who was better than... [Read More]
No matter what happens in the U.S. Open final, Serena Williams is the greatest female tennis player of all-time. Undisputed. The fact that she got... [Read More]
Nick Kyrgios' dropshot had bounced on Roger Federer's side and was drifting well beyond the sideline. Most opponents would have conceded that point. Just turned... [Read More]
It was harder than expected for Rafael Nadal. But he survived. And the result was an epic match. [Read More]
Who needs cheerleaders when you have umpires like Mohamed Lahyani? [Read More]
There was no shrinkage from Novak Djokovic. [Read More]
The Knicks, as they've pounded home so nobody could get confused about expecting much from next season, are targeting the summer of 2019 for their... [Read More]
Carmelo Anthony's been changing uniforms like disposable razors these days, but he's finally on his preferred team: the Houston Rockets. [Read More]
For the record, I think the Knicks' plan to target free agency in 2019 is the right one under the circumstances. I suggested it in... [Read More]
Kyrie Irving has heard from Knicks fans — both in person and on social media — but for now he's trying to ignore the impending... [Read More]
On the 24th anniversary of the closest the Knicks came to a championship since Richard Nixon's presidency, John Starks can say it with certainty: that... [Read More]
Michael Jordan never lost in the NBA Finals, but he was never an underdog like LeBron James, either.According to Westgate Sporting Book in Vegas, the... [Read More]
Mark Jackson's tenure in Golden State is viewed through two very different lenses: Either he's the coach who set up the Warriors for their dynasty,... [Read More]
A year ago Kristaps Porzingis made the ultimate power move by skipping his exit meeting, sending a message to the entire organization that the dysfunction... [Read More]
The Knicks sit on the precipice of unfortunate history. With one more defeat – whether it's Saturday against the Pistons or anytime over the next... [Read More]
The Lakers rookie has been the victim of his father's boastful rhetoric — not to mention the top point guards in the league — writes... [Read More]