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With the Senate still in Republican hands, the House soon to be run by Democrats and the 2020 presidential election season about to kick off... [Read More]
We've had plenty of politicians, even presidents, who've served under clouds. But a court-appointed Zulu King? That's too much. [Read More]
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The writers for HBO's satirical show "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" might want to get a weekend place in Louisiana. They've certainly figured out... [Read More]
Earlier this month, I wrote a column about the phrase "shoo-shoo," which is sometimes used in these parts to describe a tropical threat that fails... [Read More]
New Orleans' new airport terminal, once it finally opens, will be a grand new gateway to the region. It could also serve as a symbol,... [Read More]
Being mayor of a major city such as New Orleans is a big, big job, and realistically speaking, no one person can do it all. [Read More]
One of many unproductive dynamics during and after Hurricane Katrina was the toxic relationship between FEMA director Michael Brown and his boss, Homeland Security Secretary... [Read More]
Speaking at a Tuesday morning briefing hosted by the Bureau of Governmental Research, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell answered a question over the long-shuttered Municipal... [Read More]
The Regional Transit Authority hasn't always lived up to its name. [Read More]
Some prominent Louisiana Republicans think they have a winning strategy for the 2019 governor's election: Make the contest a referendum on Democratic Gov. John Bel... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards is practically taunting Attorney General Jeff Landry these days, arguing to anyone who'll listen that a Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate... [Read More]
Gov. John Bel Edwards still doesn't know who his main opponent will be next year. But he's fundraising as if he does. [Read More]
Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn did the right thing Wednesday, even if he did it for the wrong reasons. [Read More]
As Americans were busy this week poring over the busy tropical weather forecast maps, word got out that Department of Homeland Security had diverted $10... [Read More]
Must be nice to be state treasurer. You get to put out press releases when the credit rating agencies smile upon the state, but avoid... [Read More]
When Marty Bahamonde talks, people ought to listen. [Read More]
Despite all the controversy over Colin Kaepernick's emergence as the new face of Nike, that unmistakable swoosh was all over the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday, including... [Read More]
Long before he left the Louisiana Legislature for Congress, Steve Scalise developed a reputation as a team player. It's one reason he stayed in Baton... [Read More]
When politicians reach for pop-culture references, they're generally attempting to appear hip, cool, now. [Read More]