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So little is known about the Canaanites considering their influence on western civilisations, that the sequencing of their genomes has helped us place them... [Read More]
When a gene was inserted into different locations in E. coli's chromosome, how much it was expressed under selection pressure depended on the location... [Read More]
You don't survive for 450 million years without learning a trick or two. In the case of horseshoe crabs, one of those is developing blood with... [Read More]
The theory that human sperm counts are declining has been confirmed, at least for western nations... [Read More]
Spending money to buy more free time increases happiness, whereas buying possessions doesn't. [Read More]
After a century of failing to make a gonorrhea vaccine, we made one by accident in making one against the related meningococcal bacterium... [Read More]
A relationship has been confirmed between the mass of a galaxy's central black hole and the tightness of its spiral arms, providing an easy way... [Read More]
A new analysis suggests that the number of unbound gas giants is closer to what models predict, and much lower than one previous survey suggested... [Read More]
One of the most distant superluminous supernovae ever spotted is in a surprisingly high mass galaxy and occurred at 'cosmic high noon', the time when... [Read More]
Scientist seized the opportunity to study an unusual storm as it approached, and discovered the direction was as important as intensity... [Read More]
Strange as it may seem, rural Chinese residents moving to cities lowers their own, and national average, pollution exposure... [Read More]
The oldest evidence for humans in Australia is 5,000 years before the earliest previous estimates, and there might be older dates to come... [Read More]
The solution to intermittent energy production from wind, for Europe at least, lies in spreading where wind farms are located to neglected parts of the... [Read More]
Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman and first Iranian to win the Fields Medal, has died at the age of 40 of breast cancer. The maths... [Read More]
The Australian Prime Minister claims Australian law can do things that maths says are impossible. Internet disagrees... [Read More]
A pattern has been found explaining the length of stellar cycles, and the Sun fits it, removing previous ideas its length was distinctive... [Read More]
Stimulation of the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex allows mice to become dominant in social interactions, even against previously dominant individuals... [Read More]
A material modeled on spider silk that has low environmental costs and can be spun at room temperature has been made. At the same time,... [Read More]
The Afghan and Gambian teams in the First Global robotics challenge will be allowed to participate after their visa refusals were reversed. Perhaps the neg... [Read More]
Particulates that blow off coal stockpiles kill so many people that the social cost of storing coal may be higher than mining it... [Read More]