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A 5,000 barrel oil spill from the Keystone pipeline has thrown oil on the fire of concerns about the dangers of pipelines like this... [Read More]
If a male and female prairie vole both drink, or neither drinks, they stay together. But if the male drinks and the female doesn't strange... [Read More]
Pluto is even colder than its distance from the Sun would suggest, and modeling of its atmosphere puts the blame on hydrocarbon particles. [Read More]
Focusing sunlight on carbonized wood makes for a cheap and very efficient way of turning salty water into steam, and then into purified water. [Read More]
Injecting aerosols into the stratosphere would cool the planet, but it would also intensify droughts in Africa's most vulnerable region (if not evenly disp... [Read More]
The lightest binary system ever observed reveals a premature white dwarf as a companion brown dwarf short-circuited its lifespan. [Read More]
A fabric could make clothes that are warm or cool depending on which side faces the skin. [Read More]
Hydrogen Peroxide provides a number of crucial features that could explain how life began, most likely in rock pores around hydrothermal vents. [Read More]
Bonobos will help out a total stranger they cannot even interact with, with no apparent expectation or reward... [Read More]
People with bipolar who have gene varieties that raise the risk of schizophrenia are much less likely to find lithium to be an effective mood... [Read More]
Biofilms are an important part of bacterial infections, and combined with antibiotic resistance can be deadly. Electrified bandages could be part of the an... [Read More]
Mice quickly learn to take turns on receiving a reward rather than fighting, but only when the reward is brain stimulation, rather than food-based. [Read More]
Severe burns deplete vitamin D levels in the blood, and low levels are associated with poorer outcomes, suggesting supplements may make a big difference to... [Read More]
The long-standing theory that all mammals were once nocturnal has been confirmed, with evidence the shift to daylight activity coincided with the dinosaur... [Read More]
A study of 72 drinking glasses has found two-thirds have dangerous levels of lead, with cadmium almost as common. Many were at horrifyingly high concentrat... [Read More]
Social networks are known to slow cognitive decline, and this has now been shown to include SuperAgers, the group who experience almost no decline past... [Read More]
Enormous amounts of the Hubble Telescope's time have been devoted to creating images of deep fields, only to have asteroids photobomb them. [Read More]
In May a treaty was signed to promote international collaboration in Arctic research. A paper in Science argues it has the potential to benefit both... [Read More]
A third species of orangutan has been identified, but it has fewer members than any of the other great apes, all of whom are already... [Read More]
Two-thirds of pancreatic cancers have an active Cdk4/6 pathway. A drug that blocks Cdk4/6 extends the lives of mice with these pancreatic cancers... [Read More]