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The importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday continues to be overblown and misunderstood. For virtually every retailer, the action is really in December, and... [Read More]
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Nordstrom is introducing a new loyalty program. Some aspects are merely playing catch up. Others hold the potential to move the retailer from average to... [Read More]
For several years the narrative was that physical retail was dead. Recent reports suggest a resurgence. Yet the reality is more nuanced. Winning retailers don't... [Read More]
As retailer earnings reports role in a few things are becoming more clear. Physical retail is not dead, but boring retail is. The difference between... [Read More]
Eddie Lampert, Sears Holdings' CEO and primary shareholder, seems destined for the Chutzpah Hall of Fame as his hedge fund scoops up Sears' once highly... [Read More]
Is voice-activated commerce the next big thing in retail or mostly hype? A new study suggests any notion of a shopping revolution is premature. [Read More]
An increasingly important driver of online shopping growth is, as former J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler has coined it, "de-schlepping." The consumer value of having... [Read More]
JC Penney announced last week that they would abandon wooing Millennials in favor of focusing on its historical older core customer. Unfortunately this is just... [Read More]
The shrinking of retail seems to dominate the headlines as a constant stream of bankruptcies, store closings and rightsizing continues apace. Yet some brands are... [Read More]
Each year Amazon's Prime Day event garners more and more attention. But most of what happens is entirely predictable in advance. The real question is... [Read More]
Retailers have been chasing a compelling "omni-channel" strategy for years, but few are executing a truly well harmonized shopping experience across channels. Often the biggest... [Read More]
Norstrom shares were hammered by a leading analyst's concerns over weak comparable store sales. But the focus on outdated metrics risks missing what is really... [Read More]
The growth of e-commerce, and the disruptive effects of disruptive new business models, seems to drive the headlines, but much of what passes for insight... [Read More]
The retail industry has been slow to go after the significant opportunity represented by the "plus-size" market. It's another example of where retailers say they... [Read More]
Many legacy retailers are in trouble, mostly because they let the last 15-20 years happen to them, rather than to respond through innovation. Will Macy's... [Read More]
IHOP, the brand formerly known as the International House of Pancakes, generated a lot of buzz with its announcement that it was changing its name... [Read More]
Recent reports from brick & mortar centric retailers and the decision of digitally only brands to open dozens of new stores continue to defy the... [Read More]
Today Sears Holding announced yet another round of store closings. The problem at Sears is not too many stores, it is too little customer relevance.... [Read More]
Despite years of cost cutting and transformation attempts, JC Penney finds itself struggling to keep pace and without a CEO during a time when competitors... [Read More]