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U.S. President Donald Trump contended Tuesday that a new migrant caravan leaving Honduras justifies his demand for a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border to keep... [Read More]
President faults Democrats for shutdown; polls show half or more Americans blame him and GOP... [Read More]
After U.S. President Donald Trump said he will hold a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "quite soon," his secretary of state... [Read More]
Bilateral meetings on the US president's agenda during the annual UN General Assembly... [Read More]
Just days after ordering the controversial declassification of materials related to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, President Donald Trump in a sweeping and quick... [Read More]
Trump stands by his man for the Supreme Court after accusation surfaces from alleged 1980s sexual assault... [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday rejected a scholarly study that concluded nearly 3,000 people were killed last year by Hurricane Maria on the island... [Read More]
Executive order allows president to impose sanctions on foreigners who interfere in November midterm elections... [Read More]
Forecasters are worried about slow-moving, rain-drenching conditions like those that came with Hurricane Harvey in Texas last year... [Read More]
Nearly 1.5 million people ordered to evacuate as Category 4 storm aims at US East Coast... [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump is expressing confidence the federal government is prepared for this week's onslaught of Hurricane Florence, which is predicted to be one... [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump will not visit Ireland next month as planned, according to officials in Dublin.   The visit has been postponed... [Read More]
'I Am Part of the Resistance,' declares author of New York Times article... [Read More]
President Donald Trump demanded in a tweet Wednesday night that The New York Times immediately turn over an anonymous official of his administration for prosecution:... [Read More]
US leader suggests libel laws ought to be changed to protect against what he considers false reporting... [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump unleashed a new attack Wednesday on a book depicting his presidency and White House as chaotic and dysfunctional, suggesting libel laws... [Read More]
Trump and Moon agreed to meet later this month in New York... [Read More]
Excerpts from a new book about the Donald Trump presidency, authored by the journalist credited with helping to drive President Richard Nixon from power, describes... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's administration wants to shut down U.S. government radio stations that announce official time, a service in operation since World War II. ... [Read More]
Justice Department, FBI have to start doing their job, the president tells an Indiana rally... [Read More]