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Hal Abelson, a renowned computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was working the classroom, coffee cup in hand, pacing back and forth. The... [Read More]
Dozens of senior policymakers who are trying to agree on rules for artificial intelligence gathered at M.I.T. There was even some consensus. [Read More]
The government is making it harder to hire foreigners by denying visas, asking for more information and delaying approvals, corporate leaders say. [Read More]
With foreign hires missing, the employees who remain are being forced to pick up the slack. [Read More]
Members of the Business Roundtable expressed their "serious concern" over the administration's immigration moves in a jointly signed letter to the Department of Homeland Security.... [Read More]
Several top CEOs expressed "serious concern" with Trump administration in a jointly signed letter. [Read More]
Timothy D Cook of Apple, Ginni Rometty of IBM and dozens of other C.E.O.s said new guidelines and practices were hindering skilled foreign workers. [Read More]
Wearables for Good project calls for ideas to help mothers and babies in the developing world... [Read More]
Pioneer Fund targets "lost Einsteins," exceptionally gifted individuals who might normally go overlooked. [Read More]
So far, often in pilot projects focused on menial tasks, artificial intelligence is freeing workers from drudgery far more often than it is eliminating jobs. [Read More]
Silicon Valley has created a model for identifying and nurturing high-potential young companies. The Pioneer fund hopes to do much the same thing for high-potential... [Read More]
The Pioneer Fund is using the Silicon Valley model to find and nurture people who have talent but lack opportunity. [Read More]
Just a few years ago, Thomas Siebel often faced skepticism when encouraging big companies to adopt internet-style cloud computing. Many companies, he said, had qualms... [Read More]
The company, which reported a 30 percent decline in net profit to $615 million, has set about shrinking its business to focus on three major... [Read More]
The cloud computing market is booming, but companies are leery of relying on one tech giant. That is helping Microsoft. [Read More]
Broadcom has agreed to buy software maker CA Technologies for nearly $19 billion, according to the two companies. ... [Read More]
It can do more in one second than a human can do in billions of years. [Read More]
Steve Lohr, a veteran New York Times reporter, reflects on how tech-free newsrooms used to be and how the progression to the internet has changed... [Read More]
Company will focus on jet engines, electric-power generators, wind turbines. [Read More]
For years, the United States dominated the supercomputer market. But two years ago, China pulled even on the Top 500 list. China moved decisively ahead... [Read More]