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It was bound to happen. The tension over North Korea has prompted a country scheduled to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics to openly state... [Read More]
"Clearly, as we watch what's happening around our globe, the rather rapid advance of some of our potential adversaries is quite concerning.\" [Read More]
Much has been made of US president Donald Trump's first speech yesterday (Sept. 19) to the United Nations General Assembly. Being rather dark and blunt,…... [Read More]
North Korea is making the world uneasy with its missile launches. It's also driving business for defense contractors. Take, for example, US defense giant Northrop…... [Read More]
The most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, Hurricane Irma, could wreak havoc on Florida this weekend, depending on its still-uncertain path. While it…... [Read More]
If Kim Jong-un wants South Korea to bolster its military capabilities, he's making all the right moves. On Sunday (Sept. 3), the North Korean leader... [Read More]
What does North Korea want? The question is on many minds, especially because the nation keeps timing weapons tests—including a sixth nuclear test on Sunday... [Read More]
That North Korea is testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons of ever increasing sophistication is alarming. That North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is routinely timing... [Read More]
Don't forget there's an Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, next year. It is currently the site of bombing drills.... [Read More]
In less than six months the South Korean province of Gangwon will proudly host the 2018 Winter Olympics. Today, it hosted something of a different…... [Read More]
North Korea launched yet another missile today (Aug. 29), this one flying over Japan before landing in the sea. Sending a rocket over mainland Japan…... [Read More]
It wasn't supposed to be so hard. When Japan redrew its arms exports restrictions in early 2014, it had every reason to believe its firms would... [Read More]
Alarm bells sounded when Chinese ships recently gathered at Sandy Cay, a set of sandbars close to Philippines-occupied Thitu Island in the Spratly archipelago. [Read More]
In 2012, China wrested control of Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea from the Philippines. With the shoal—reefs, rocks, and a vast lagoon—located just 220... [Read More]
SpaceX head Elon Musk and other industry leaders write that autonomy will lead to wider and faster war. [Read More]
The prospect of tanks, machine guns and drones that think for themselves becoming widespread is giving tech luminaries the heebie-jeebies. [Read More]
The prospect of tanks, machine guns, and drones that think for themselves becoming widespread is giving tech luminaries the heebie-jeebies. In an open letter today (Aug. 21),... [Read More]