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From the New York Times' column by David Brooks: … Second, McCain is one of very few Republicans willing to stand up for the American... [Read More]
The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team enjoys a huge local fan base, a famous history including ethnic heroes Sandy Koufax and Fernando Valenzuela, and a large if old-fashioned modernist... [Read More]
In the comments at Columbia U. professor of statistics Andrew Gelman's blog, Dr. Gelman and I discuss why social psychology seems to usually be at the... [Read More]
From the New York Times local news section: Using DNA to Sketch What Victims Look Like; Some Call It Science Fiction By ASHLEY SOUTHALL OCT.... [Read More]
The weak form of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is that having a term for a reality makes it easier to notice that reality, while not having... [Read More]
Ironically, this World Cup is being celebrated by international soccer fans for moving in the direction know-nothing Americans have long requested: higher scoring and fewer... [Read More]
I've written a lot over the years about the Replication Crisis in the social sciences as academics attempt to emulate Malcolm Gladwell's success on the... [Read More]
From The Atlantic: Why Parents Make Flawed Choices About Their Kids' Schooling A new study shows that families act on insufficient information when it comes... [Read More]
My new Harvey Weinstein-related column in Taki's Magazine, "The Overlord of Oscar Bait," argues that, just as Hollywood should no longer import chimpanzees to appear in movies... [Read More]
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: The Overlord of Oscar Bait by Steve Sailer October 18, 2017 Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was a celebrated... [Read More]
From the New York Times oped page: Tech's Troubling New Trend: Diversity Is in Your Head By BÄRÍ A. WILLIAMS OCT. 16, 2017 BÄRÍ: An... [Read More]
Newsweek recently sounded the alarm in a long-form piece on what they view as a troubling new trend: [image][C][/image] [image][C]'actualit%C3%A9/oak-ridge-tn-joe-west-and-archie-lee-chat-with-photo-dactualit%C3%A9/514907764#9191955oak-ridge-tn-joe-west-and-archie-lee-chat-with-classmates-picture-id514907764=, 1955[/image] Sixty years after Brown vs. Board, forty... [Read More]
From Vox: I'm an environmental journalist, but I never write about overpopulation. Here's why. Since you asked (many times). Updated by David Sep 26,... [Read More]
OCTOBER 11, 2017 Stephen Miller and... [Read More]
Slate's film critic realizes her entire worldview was a fraud: The Harvey Weinstein Scandal Is Changing How I Look at the Movies Just as the... [Read More]
In the New York Times, Tina Brown, who quit as editor of the New Yorker in the late 1990s to edit a start-up glossy magazine backed... [Read More]
From Ezra Klein's interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates in Vox: Even imagining that world, Coates makes ample space for tragedy. When he tries to describe the... [Read More]
From Quentin Tarantino:... [Read More]
From The Hill: Pinterest acknowledges Russia-linked political posts appeared on the site BY OLIVIA BEAVERS – 10/11/17 06:04 PM EDT 1 Pinterest, the social media... [Read More]
From The Hill: Russian-linked campaign used PokÃ... [Read More]