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In the July 25-26 edition of The L-V, Fred Shick opined that, "All they (Democrats) are doing is trying to destroy President Trump. Democrats should... [Read More]
I was reading with amazement, Joe Lewis' Rimersburg Rules column in the July 25-26 edition of The Leader-Vindicator when I found myself nodding in agreement... [Read More]
An interesting article was posted Friday, July 27, in the MIT Technology Review. It seems that the ACLU used Amazon's facial recognition technology "Rekognition" to... [Read More]
that will come in... [Read More]
Amazon's Echo, and other smart speakers like it, offer magazine media an exciting new opportunity, but one that requires new thinking. [Read More]
The survey is over and now the work begins. [Read More]
Karthic Bala, Condé's first chief data officer, on the tall task of changing the ways the century-old publisher does business. [Read More]
I'm sure there will also be a "watch dog" agency making sure the election department is doing their job right and that also goes for... [Read More]
As publishers move away from distributed content and renew their focus on direct relationships, branded mobile apps are making a comeback. [Read More]
Let's cut through the misinformation to explain how the pay raise was determined, who it goes to and how much teachers can expect from it.... [Read More]
As a founder of the chamber orchestra Alarm Will Sound, he was at the epicenter of a community of open-minded artists. [Read More]
San Diego (KGTV) [Read More]
Why a logo can sell more than content. [Read More]
It is increasingly clear that 'no good' will come from early closure of the Navajo Generating Station, despite assurances by utility owners that everything will... [Read More]
Why publishers are rethinking the ways they prove value to advertising partners. [Read More]
Is it just me or are the Olympic athletes getting younger? [Read More]
The Vancouver City Council has been presented with the idea of constructing a new sign from the ramp leading to Sixth Street downtown, and to... [Read More]
"Remember we all get what we tolerate. So stop tolerating excuses within yourself," states Tony Robbins. [Read More]