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America is often referred to as a melting pot and an event in Fort Scott today is proving just that. [Read More]
An area man is remembered for his commitment to Catholic education. [Read More]
Even though they're already American citizens, that doesn't stop a group of women from attending naturalization ceremonies in the Sunflower State. [Read More]
An area clinic that's open to anyone is running out of room. But they won't need to build onto their existing building in order to... [Read More]
It will be easier to find attractions in the Carthage community soon. [Read More]
It's always a compliment when you knock someone's socks off. That's just what residents say a local police department has done. [Read More]
If you always have to have the latest and greatest new electronic devices, you can get an upgrade later this week. [Read More]
An area student is a semi finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program. [Read More]
There are still several months before tax returns are due but that could lead to a very unpleasant surprise if you wait that long. [Read More]
Having a child is expensive, so a local health system is now offering free prenatal classes. [Read More]
An area health system is getting the word out about resources for patients with a particular disease. [Read More]
Area firefighters will get some much needed training thanks to a state grant. [Read More]
The older some local veterans get, the harder it can be for them to get out and learn about programs that could benefit them. But... [Read More]
An area shelter receives a major donation to help them to continue providing services. [Read More]
Because of Hurricane Florence, the Red Cross has had to cancel regularly scheduled blood drives in seven states that could be affected by the storm. [Read More]
One of an area university's newest programs has tripled in size since it started just a few years ago. [Read More]
Some of the biggest employers in the U.S. are beginning to rethink the necessity of a college degree for many of their job openings. The... [Read More]
Financial help is on the way for some area future university students. [Read More]
Want to get ahead in the business world? Why not pick the brains of others who've already made it big? [Read More]
A local bank is also paying tribute on this Patriot's Day. [Read More]