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As the new Congress prepares to begin in 2019, both Republicans and Democrats have a ways to go with the public, which views both rather... [Read More]
The economy is voters' biggest issue, until it isn't. And unfortunately for Republicans, the good economy isn't at the fore of voters' minds. [Read More]
A flurry of state and national polls conducted over the past few weeks suggest Democratic prospects of winning the Senate have improved noticeably. [Read More]
Estimating who will control the House after November's elections comes down to calculating results from three categories of electoral contests. [Read More]
In the battle for control of the Senate, Only a substantial national Democratic wave would seem to threaten Republican control. [Read More]
If you trust the July 9-11 Fox News Poll and the July 15-18 NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey — and I have no reason not... [Read More]
Republicans are not deserting President Donald Trump, but Democrats don't need them in order to win the House majority in the fall. [Read More]
The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court could have a number of effects on the midterm elections, depending on vote breakdowns. [Read More]
On Monday evening, Judy Woodruff asked me and USA Today's Susan Page on the "PBS NewsHour" how the country moves forward from its current state... [Read More]
You need to hand it to President Donald Trump, his entire administration and his party. It takes more than a little chutzpah to act in... [Read More]
While many dissected Corey Stewart's recent Virginia GOP Senate primary victory and South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford's defeat in his bid for renomination, an even... [Read More]
For the last couple of months, I've heard from many quarters that the "blue wave" has dissipated. Meh.  Advocates of that view usually... [Read More]
CQ-ROLL CALL... [Read More]
Former Trump campaign chief executive and White House strategist Steve Bannon recently told CNN's Fareed Zakaria that the midterm elections will be "an up or... [Read More]
I don't trust anyone who tells me they already know the makeup of the midterm electorate. We can't possibly know who will vote in the... [Read More]
Independents' attitudes toward the president and the two parties' control of Congress should provide a window into the 2018 midterm elections. [Read More]
President Donald Trump, who preaches pro-business policies at home and more favorable terms for the United States in trade deals, may well help elect more... [Read More]
Every election cycle, at least a few "semi-celebrities" (or those with connections to semi-celebrities) run for office. This cycle is no exception. Actress... [Read More]
Yes, it's time for another of my "dangerous dozen open House seats" columns, which I have been writing since shortly after the establishment of the... [Read More]
Indiana, Missouri, West Virginia, North Dakota and Florida are certainly in play, but how are the other competitive Senate races holding up? [Read More]