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Police in San Bernardino found what is believed to be the largest indoor marijuana operation ever in the city in California on Wednesday. A 43-year-old woman,... [Read More]
A 43-year-old woman, named Stephanie Smith, was questioned in connection with the property that had more than 24,000 marijuana plants in various stages of growth. [Read More]
Dozens of villagers in Thailand teamed up to rescue a massive catfish that was stranded in shallow waters. A video of the incident, which took... [Read More]
A video of the incident, which took place in the coastal province Phatthalung, southern Thailand, on Monday, shows the 450-pound swamp fish struggling in the waters. [Read More]
Carter Oosterhouse, HGTV star and husband of actress Amy Smart, was accused of sexual misconduct by a former makeup artist. In an interview with the... [Read More]
While the animal was discovered a few months ago, its potential age was revealed in a study in the Science journal. [Read More]
Jesica Medina, the sister of one of the 44 missing sailors on board the missing vessel, made the claims during an interview with an Argentine... [Read More]
U.K.'s Ministry of Defense on Tuesday refuted claims that a Royal Navy helicopter was chasing an Argentine submarine when it went missing off the southern coast... [Read More]
Researchers have found an ancient shark in North Atlantic, believed to be 512 years old, which could be the oldest living vertebrate in the world. While the... [Read More]
A 23-year-old city commissioner in Michigan, who was elected to the city of Adrian last month, stepped down Wednesday after he was charged with "possessing child sexually... [Read More]
In a lengthy post, Stevens addressed the allegations when he announced his resignation Wednesday on Facebook and Twitter. [Read More]
A 19-year-old University of Central Florida (UCF) student was found dead in her on-campus dorm Tuesday, authorities said. Alyssa Michelle Lewis' family members found her body in her Lake Claire... [Read More]
Alyssa Michelle Lewis recently complained of headaches and vomiting, and her mother had traveled to the UCF campus Tuesday morning to pick their daughter up and... [Read More]
The man accused of kidnapping aspiring British model Chloe Ayling has said the kidnapping was "fabricated" and was a "publicity stunt." Lukasz Herba, 30, set to... [Read More]
Lukasz Herba, accused of kidnapping an aspiring British model, said she was part of the plan and was looking for fame through the abduction. [Read More]
TLC's popular "My 600-lb Life" will return with its sixth season in January 2018 with 14 new episodes, one of which will be a special dedicated... [Read More]
Three people were charged with animal cruelty Tuesday in connection to a July video that showed a shark being dragged behind a speeding boat. The announcement... [Read More]
A video was released in July showing a shark whipping wildly throughout the water as it was being pulled by a rope. [Read More]
A JetBlue plane was forced to divert to Las Vegas on Sunday after a man bit his co-passengers mid-air. The incident, which was caught on a... [Read More]
The incident, which was caught on a cellphone camera, took place during the flight from Los Angeles to New York. [Read More]