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Summer is quickly slipping away. We couldn't wait for the long, lazy summer days and nights, yet each year the days seem to speed up... [Read More]
Fact, opinion or propaganda? At the library patrons sometimes ask us to look into whether information they have heard on the news, on the radio,... [Read More]
I was asked to write an article this month on how the library saves money. It's an interesting topic, as you will see. Let's look... [Read More]
Why didn't Trump talk about climate change in his huge speech on climate change? He doesn't think it matters. [Read More]
In two weeks the official summer break for Salida's students will begin. At the library, we have been busy developing summer program offerings for these... [Read More]
A man was brutally dragged off of a United Airlines flight late Sunday night, and normal human beings were justifiably appalled. It may be true,... [Read More]
"Libraries and staff must develop agility to respond to a rapidly changing environment, new demands, emerging technology and shifting populations." At Salida Regional Library we are... [Read More]
At Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, experts and witnesses testified about Gorsuch, his past decis ... [Read More]
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is not only very good at refusing to answer senators' questions, he's also quite skilled at sounding very polite whi... [Read More]
On Day 2 of Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearings, we've learned the Supreme Court nominee is extremely adept at evading questions. Midway through the a ... [Read More]
The cover story of this week's New York magazine is an excellent reported profile of Kellyanne Conway, packed with intimate details patiently gathered ... [Read More]
March is Women's History Month. We celebrate in part to remember that many women who had a hand in changing or making history have often been overshadowed... [Read More]
It has been just over a year since I became "the new Jeff," a phrase I heard many times in my first few months. In thinking... [Read More]
Valentine's Day is over, but there's still time to celebrate the month of love, because February is also "Library Lover's Month." [Read More]
Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump's nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, is getting a lot of flak for his answer to a question from Sen.... [Read More]
Each January we all vow to do many good things in the year ahead. Often we don't follow through. It is with the best intentions... [Read More]
Salida Regional Library patrons have a new way to reserve and renew library items: using their phones. If you are currently set up with text message... [Read More]
A library's programming efforts aim to build connections across varying age groups and bring opportunities for learning and entertainment to its community. [Read More]
What has been on my mind this week? Technology. My work email was hacked recently and many of my contacts – really anyone who has... [Read More]
An unusual image from deep space sheds light on a star's evolution... [Read More]