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Metairie, LA -  The thrills and chills of a spooky theme park are nothing compared to the real horror for Scott Songy.  He spent three... [Read More]
NEW ORLEANS -  It's in most of the guidebooks, and tourists get dropped off by  the bus load, right in front of the gates.  But... [Read More]
Terrytown, LA -  The families of two grade school girls accused of breaking the uniform code at Christ the King School say the girls were... [Read More]
They've chained themselves to backhoe excavators and been handcuffed and arrested. Now, the fight to stop the Bayou Bridge oil pipeline -- and protect a... [Read More]
Calvin Parker says he never wanted to talk about  it, but 45 years later, he's written a book about the night when he says that... [Read More]
Orange Beach, AL -  First he said "I do" --  then he dove in. Coast Guard Petty Officer Zac Edwards and his bride had just... [Read More]
First he said "I do" --  then he dove in. [Read More]
A time capsule containing Confederate cash and more was found in the pedestal that used to support the statue of Confederate General P.G.T Beauregard in New... [Read More]
The pretty redhead with the Russian accent said she had something in common with the National Rifle Association members who'd just heard former Louisiana Gov.... [Read More]
Yes, I'm one of the estimated 12,000 customers who claimed earlier this year to be overcharged by the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board.  And... [Read More]
NEW ORLEANS –   She's the star of "Modern Family,"  the actress who's face and figure are famous around the world. He's the ex-fiancee, the millionaire... [Read More]
Thibodaux, LA:   Chasing bad guys? Done that.  Arresting miscreants? Yep. Helping citizens safely cross the street?  Check.  So what's left for the boys in blue... [Read More]
NEW ORLEANS -  El Salvadoran immigrant Jose Torres strolled on the sidewalk in front of First Grace United Methodist Church on Tuesday for the first... [Read More]
After spending the last seven months avoiding deportation by taking sanctuary in a church, Jose Torres is free to go home and sleep in his... [Read More]
The "Last Supper" carved in olive wood from the Holy Land, novena candles, holy water and a rosary have a special place in Mayor Latoya... [Read More]
He was from the snowy Pacific Northwest, stepping into the hot and humid Commander's Palace kitchen 26 years ago. [Read More]
Ella Brennan, who claimed she "never did learn to cook" but became one of the most famous restaurateurs in the country, died Thursday morning  at... [Read More]
Cursive? Some find it as unreadable as ancient cuneiform. [Read More]
Water gushing down a hallway-- crew members forming a human chain to bail the flood into buckets-- sleeping on yoga mats in the ship's spa. [Read More]
Get paid to watch the sunset! [Read More]