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Was Jamal Khashoggi the target of a state-ordered assassination? [Read More]
The American pastor had been accused of conspiring with rebel forces to overthrow the Turkish government. [Read More]
The rapper was allowed to ramble for 10 minutes, while cameras flashed and Trump watched. [Read More]
The disgraced Hollywood mogul was successful in seeing one of six charges tossed out. [Read More]
The former First Lady discusses a viral moment that showcased civility between Republicans and Democrats. [Read More]
Mark Taylor is the retired firefighter, gaining evangelical fame for claiming to have received a prophetic word about the election of Donald Trump. [Read More]
A California man has been sentenced for his involvement with Russian election interference. [Read More]
Nikki Haley's resignation comes as a shock to many. [Read More]
"Drag Queen Story Time" events have been popping up around the U.S. [Read More]
Will the left still believe victims, if it is their own preferred social justice policies that lead to the assault? [Read More]
The staffer posted the personal information of five Republican senators. [Read More]
53-year old James Royal Patrick made a series of threats against "weak Republicans" and liberals on Facebook. [Read More]
Leland Keyser claims a former FBI agent, and friend of Dr. Ford's leaned on her, asking her to revise her initial statement, to show more... [Read More]
The staffer posted personal information of three Republican senators to Wikipedia, during the Kavanaugh hearings last week. [Read More]
In a new interview, the president waves off concerns of Cohen working with Robert Mueller's investigation. [Read More]
Could this finally settle the matter? [Read More]
The article further claimed the deputy attorney general suggested wearing a wire. [Read More]
The former personal attorney for Donald Trump is said to have sat for hours of interviews with authorities. [Read More]
Who should Christians side with, between Kavanaugh and his accuser? [Read More]
In a Tuesday interview, the president suggested that he did not have an attorney general. [Read More]
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