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Diesel is selling a £350 ($458) jacket emblazoned a homophobic slur in the UK. The brand claims that the product was created in collaboration with "13... [Read More]
Police say a man they've identified as Zachary Miller jumped the counter of a Subway restaurant in Georgia and stole $100. Security footage shows Miller... [Read More]
Police are investigating the death of aspiring model Kelsey Quayle, who was involved in a "serious motor vehicle accident" on October 8. When doctors were... [Read More]
Former Blink 182 member Tom Delonge is the president and CEO of To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Sciences, a group dedicated to the study of... [Read More]
Mike Roman, a man from Hackensack, New Jersey, says he has eaten pizza for dinner every night for the last 37 years. In addition to... [Read More]
On October 8, Kelsey Quayle, an aspiring model based out of Georgia, was involved in a "serious motor vehicle accident" police said. When doctors were... [Read More]
The Thai boys soccer team that got trapped in a cave earlier this year gave their first in-studio TV interview this week on "The Ellen Show," in... [Read More]
In April, Brennan Walker, then 14, missed the bus to school, got lost, and stopped at Jeffrey Zeigler's house to ask for directions. Surveillance footage... [Read More]
On her wedding day, Lorna Dane Gantt's stepmother was being stubborn. At one point, her step mom was in the way of the professional... [Read More]
Brett Kavanaugh, newly appointed Supreme Court justice, did not buy his own website. So an advocacy group did instead. Now, lists resources for survivors. According... [Read More]
A woman was unknowingly given a real knife when she attended a Nashville, Tennessee, haunted house with friends. Not realized that it would cause actual damage,... [Read More]
On October 2, President Donald Trump said "It's a very scary time for young men in America," when discussing the sexual misconduct allegations against then-Supreme... [Read More]
Brake malfunctions contributed to the limo crash that killed 20, according to records reviewed by ABC 7 news. The vehicle, which was inspected on September... [Read More]
Dylan Thomas died after going into cardiac arrest as a result of his brain injury, the Pike County coroner said in a statement on Tuesday. Thomas,... [Read More]
It seems like Post Malone is trying to outrun whatever curse he's under. He recently got a haircut. Malone also said he's planning to make... [Read More]
Authorities found and rescued a live alligator in Lake Michigan. A kayaker found the reptile in the water near Waukegan, Illinois. They initially believed it... [Read More]
some blunt and others more coded... [Read More]
Twenty died after a modified limousine collided with a parked SUV in upstate New York on Saturday. On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the driver... [Read More]
On Sunday, Taylor Swift broke her career-long political silence to endorse two Democrats from Tennessee. Reactions were mixed, but most people were generally pleasantly... [Read More]
On Sunday night, Taylor Swift broke her career-long political silence to endorse two Democratic candidates from Tennessee. People were stunned. Some made jokes on Twitter.... [Read More]