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California Republicans had to come up with some way to explain their record losses. [Read More]
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According to the Times, Kushner reportedly gave advice to crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman on how to weather the PR storm after journalist Jamal Khashoggi... [Read More]
They thought he could be manipulated. They were right. [Read More]
David Corn explains why Trump is nowhere near cleared on charges of collusion. [Read More]
"By lying and covering up about his past on the eve of the election and violating the laws designed to create transparency, they say that... [Read More]
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Cohen told Robert Mueller of more contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians than were previously known. [Read More]
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Jeffrey Toobin says if he were Trump's lawyer, he'd be very concerned about all the redactions in Bob Mueller's sentencing memo for Michael Cohen. ... [Read More]
Toobin says Trump should be worried about the Cohen memo. [Read More]
Proving once again that Republicans don't care about democracy -- they only care about power. [Read More]
Stephen Colbert said last night that Donald Trump's claims of a tariff deal with China was such an obvious lie that "even the Fox and... [Read More]
The investigation centers around missing absentee ballots. [Read More]
They're looking into vote theft in North Carolina's 9th District. [Read More]