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No one knows how America's porn obsession fuels the economy, but annual revenue estimates range from under $6 billion to $15 billion, and as high…... [Read More]
Disney didn't give any ground on its effort to buy most of 21st Century Fox, topping Comcast's $65 billion offer with a $71 billion winning…... [Read More]
US immigration policy has been a windfall for organizations running child detention centers. The largest one, based in Austin, reportedly made $458 million in 2018. [Read More]
BlockBoxes are shipping containers measuring 500 sq ft (45 sq m) and adapted to hold 100,000 cryptocurrency mining chips. They sell for $1 million each…... [Read More]
Google's Brain Team is using AI to predict the future of patients after admission to a hospital, including length of stay, chance of return, and…... [Read More]
Square's stock had already been up 88% this year. But on Monday, after news broke that the payments firm received New York's much craved (and…... [Read More]
From Russia's intervention in the US election to the Cambridge Analytica case, it seems like major scandals have influenced the popularity of social media platforms. [Read More]
British consumers made 13.2 billion payments using debit cards in 2017, compared with 13.1 billion using cash and coins. That marks the first time that…... [Read More]
Japan is the latest country to wage war on Airbnb's rising popularity in the short-term rental market, costing the company $10 million. [Read More]
Bird is one of many electric-scooter startups sweeping the US, and it's the fastest company yet to hit a $1 billion valuation. [Read More]
Dutch startup Adyen went public Wednesday (June 13) and managed to double its valuation to $13 billion, after its shares, which started the day priced…... [Read More]
SpinLaunch raised $40 million, including from some major companies like Alphabet and Airbus, to build a catapult that hurls rockets into orbit. [Read More]
Chicago chose Elon Musk's Boring Company among four bidders to build a rapid transit system linking its central business district and its international airport. [Read More]