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Amazon smashed earnings expectations with an incredible second quarter, pulling down $2.5 billion in profit and inching ever closer to the lucrative $1 trillion trophy. [Read More]
Bitcoin has climbed back to the $8,000 mark after losing more than half its value earlier this year, but investors are still split on buying…... [Read More]
Audit firm PwC estimates artificial intelligence and related technologies could destroy 7 million jobs in the UK over the next two decades, but that it…... [Read More]
The US has amassed more than 2.5 billion lbs (1.1 billion kg) of surplus beef, pork, poultry, and turkey meat, and suppliers are running out…... [Read More]
Melissa Cristina Márquez tells Outside about her experience filming 'Cuba's Secret Shark Lair' for Discovery Channel's Shark Week... [Read More]
Qubits are the essential components of quantum computers. While bits have two states, 0 and 1, qubits also have a third, mixed state. But scientists…... [Read More]
Pizza has shifted America's cheese hierarchy. According to the USDA, Italian-style cheese now accounts for most of the 5 billion pounds of cheese made in…... [Read More]
Crypto ICOs, tech IPOs, and VC cash are all playing a part in the biggest year of tech funding since 2000, with $107.6 billion already…... [Read More]
The merging of two trends—autonomous cars and electric cars—will revolutionize the way we move in the coming decades—and contribute to a dramatic reduction of our…... [Read More]
An AI system managed to test how new chemical compounds interact with cells using information about chemical interactions that scientists already have. It could eliminate…... [Read More]
Tata Motors is calling it quits on the world's cheapest car, following a roller coaster of auto revolution, protests, safety failures, and political turmoil in…... [Read More]
Facebook ultimately got a slap on the wrist for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with its UK fine limited to a paltry max of £500,000 ($662,000). [Read More]
Tesla hiked prices of its electric cars in China over the weekend—from $107,300 to $128,400 for the Model S, and from $117,100 to $140,100 for…... [Read More]
MoviePass is now charging whatever it wants for movie tickets through peak pricing. That might be a bad sign for the company's long-term health. [Read More]
Between 800 and 1,000 cryptocurrencies have failed and are now worth close to nothing, but ICOs (the main method to create new coins) are still…... [Read More]
While Europe is spawning more exciting tech companies, as proven with the recent IPOs of Spotify and Adyen, a new report by investment company GP…... [Read More]
Crypto thieves managed to steal $761 million from exchanges around the world between January and June, almost three times the $266 million stolen in the…... [Read More]
Lyft is acquiring Motivate, an operator of urban bike-rental programs, both firms said Monday (July 2). [Read More]
Smart speakers in the US market now account for more than 54 million devices. Amazon's leading the pack, with Google as a distant second. [Read More]
Facebook and Google are sticking to new data privacy regulations, but that doesn't mean they have to make the options easy for users. [Read More]