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Of all the many Jewish songwriters responsible for creating the American musical all but a few were loath to incorporate Jewish themes in their work.... [Read More]
The dust has settled on the Jerusalem Film Festival's opening celebrations, but the festival is far from over. Its committed minions have descended upon the... [Read More]
The 35th edition of the Jerusalem Film Festival, which opened last Thursday, comes at a delicate time for Israeli cinema. Though the festival is home to... [Read More]
Decisions by justices of the Israeli Supreme Court don't often go viral, but a few moving, humane remarks by Justice Yitzhak Amit in a recent... [Read More]
At first glance, the Cameri Theater's repertoire for its next season looks no different from those of seasons past. The list of plays unveiled late... [Read More]
Had history gone another way, I might have grown up in a rural Moldovan village. So begins Absent, the masterful 2015... [Read More]
Some sermons are better left undelivered. Consider for example the wise words of Israel's Chief Sephardic Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef, who at his weekly lesson at... [Read More]
Sixty-five years after its New York premiere, a gripping new production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible is playing to packed houses at Tel Aviv's Cameri... [Read More]
If 2017 was Hollywood's year of Gal Gadot, 2018 may yet be Broadway's year of Shiri Maimon. According to initial reports, come September the... [Read More]
A motley crew of bus passengers, one of whom may be a Martian, takes shelter from a storm in a diner. A little girl inadvertently... [Read More]
Israel commemorated the semi-centennial of the Six Day War much as you might expect. Publishers were ready with reprints of classic works of non-fiction, alongside... [Read More]
The Book of Jeremiah tells us that the Valley of Hinnom in Jerusalem, just south-west of the Old City walls, is where idolaters would "pass... [Read More]
Could there be a more entertaining way to celebrate Israel's 69th Independence Day—which by happy coincidence falls this year on Theodor Herzl's 157th birthday—than by... [Read More]
New York's stages boast singing cats and rhyming founding fathers. And yet, in these strange days, the most fanciful Broadway production might be Oslo, a... [Read More]
There's a jarring moment early in This Is Our Youth, Kenneth Lonergan's 1996 play currently nearing the end of its run at Broadway's Cort Theater.... [Read More]
Shimon Peres, who was buried this morning on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem at a funeral ceremony attended by leaders from over 100 countries, including President... [Read More]
Shai Tsabari is an Israeli singer whose music has been called Mizrahi-indie. His debut album and live performances, fusing traditional oriental music with rock, pop,... [Read More]
One by one, three Israeli public figures—Amir Peretz, Tzipi Livni, and Danny Halutz—took the stage on Thursday to face a packed Tel Aviv auditorium to speak... [Read More]
As dusk fell onto Sultan's Pool amphitheatre, the venue began to overflow—not with the Herodian waters of antiquity, but with producers, directors, actors, and thousands of... [Read More]