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The "Florida Man challenge" is going viral. To participate, search the internet for "Florida man" followed by your birthday and see what outrageous headline comes... [Read More]
Women in the royal family continue to carry out engagements while pregnant, when possible. In 1982, Princess Diana made an entrance in a red Bellville... [Read More]
Anatoly Shashkin is a supermarket manager. Someone used a coupon from 1983 at his store to save 20 cents on Crisco oil. He tweeted a... [Read More]
Ryan Paul, a 12-year-old boy with autism, called 911 when he couldn't find his teddy bear. Officer Khari Manzini of the Woodbridge Township Police Department... [Read More]
Historical sites in the US don't always live up to the hype. The Liberty Bell and Mount Rushmore look smaller than expected in person. Plymouth... [Read More]
INSIDER asked couples to share little things they do that keep their relationships strong. Some said that communication and taking time to show appreciation for... [Read More]
At least 49 people were killed Friday in a mass shooting at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. At least 48 others were... [Read More]
At least 49 people were killed Friday in a mass shooting at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. At least 48 others... [Read More]
Sarah Schmalbruch/INSIDER With hurricane season in full swing and blizzard season on its way, it's important to be prepared in case disaster strikes.... [Read More]
Supremo, a web design studio, created a quiz to challenge people to think like designers. The quiz consists of 10 different arrangements of shapes with... [Read More]
Castles may have served as impenetrable fortresses in medieval times, but many have become eerie, crumbling structures. Here are 13 abandoned castles around the world and... [Read More]
They've visited 18 countries and saved $62,000 on travel expenses. [Read More]
Through their patronage of various children's charities and countless events, members of the British royal family often interact with young members of the public. And... [Read More]
Instead of saying that someone is "picky" or "demanding," call them "fastidious." If someone is always confident, they possess lots of aplomb. "Axiomatic" is a... [Read More]
Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters Royals tend to follow a strict protocol to maintain a sense of formality when they're out and about on engagements, keeping... [Read More]
Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás creates puzzles with hidden images. Can you spot the differences between photos and find the camouflaged items? If not, scroll down... [Read More]
Prince Harry has been third-wheeling Prince William and Kate Middleton for a while, but now it's his time to shine. Prince Harry recently asked... [Read More]
Prince Harry's name isn't actually Harry — it's Henry Charles Albert David. He was a captain in the British army. He's obsessed with "Hamilton" and... [Read More]
Hannah and Chad Janis have shared a love of adventure since they met while attending Brigham Young University. So after a brief stint in New... [Read More]
If you clip something, are you cutting it or attaching it together? If something is transparent, is it invisible or obvious? The answer,... [Read More]