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I was raised to revere Israel. Then I moved there. [Read More]
Creators are profiting off hateful content... [Read More]
Creators are profiting off hateful content... [Read More]
Pat Tillman, however, was a critic of the Iraq War and his family has asked that his death not be politicized... [Read More]
NoHo... [Read More]
Inspired by Tucker Carlson's coverage on Fox News, Trump has taken interest in the narrative of white oppression in South Africa. [Read More]
The Three Percenters is an armed anti-government militia; Fox & Friends called its members "pro-gun demonstrators" [Read More]
White supremacists commit murders in pursuit of genocidal policies. Antifa throws punches. They're not the same, and media outlets should make that clear. [Read More]
A harassment campaign organized on far-right sites targeted journalists and activists with malicious abuse... [Read More]
In a bizarre exchange, Isaac Kappy and Alex Jones sparred over whether "chicken" is slang for pedophilia... [Read More]
For a brief time, searching for Tom Hanks or Steven Spielberg on the video site brought up baseless accusations... [Read More]
Far-right trolls claim they are digging up liberals' old tweets out of concern for children, but their prior statements indicate it's an escalation in culture-war... [Read More]
How can the rich be unhappy? It often seems to beggar belief. Material woes — the need to pay the rent and to feed... [Read More]
Talia Lavin reviews the audiobook of "American Gods," Neil Gaiman's sprawling, compelling novel. [Read More]
"I'm undocumented. You want to deport an undocumented person, start with me, because I'm an undocumented person." – Andrew Cuomo, April 2018 "As a ... [Read More]
In this cavernous subterranean space, the chairs are filled with East Village denizens out for an evening of accordion songs and infused-vodka Martinis. [Read More]
If you want to shape a progressive future, start with your own Twitter account. Follow more women. [Read More]
21 Clinton St. (212-677-7417) [Read More]
1037 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn... [Read More]
In "The Book of Separation," the novelist Tova Mirvis recalls leaving her marriage and her Modern Orthodox life. [Read More]