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On the night Jeff Tweedy was set to visit the Free Library of Philadelphia to talk about his new memoir, Let's Go (So We Can... [Read More]
Fantastic Negrito is a man that wants to be seen and wants to be heard. Enjoy a gripping story and thrilling performance in this session. [Read More]
Perry's latest solo album, Traces, out Oct. 5, marks his reunion with his own voice. And yes, it's emotional. [Read More]
White's drumming made her one of the loudest musicians of this century, yet she's often remembered for being a quiet person — setting a no-apologies... [Read More]
I think Christine and the Queens is one of the most inventive and vital pop artists of our time. She thinks she's "pop music's weird... [Read More]
Although Leon Bridges didn't perform live songs with a band for this session, he required no special prodding to croon a capella during our chat. [Read More]
Landes' voice and songwriting sound like such a seamless fit for classic Nashville. [Read More]
Cooder and his band re-imagine some of those classic blues and gospel songs he loved as boy. He discusses how his latest album 'Prodigal Son'... [Read More]
Leave it to Matt Mays to infuse a daytime studio visit with the spirit of a super sweaty, late night at your favorite dive bar.... [Read More]
"Little Light" stands out among the complex, twisty and sometimes even dark material on Lee's new album, My New Moon. The song's inspiration is a... [Read More]
David Byrne, musician and all-around wonder archaeologist, visits the World Cafe Studios in Philadelphia to talk about animals, bicycles, civic obligations and his latest album... [Read More]
Today's guest made me cry in a church and I'll never forgive him. Dermot Kennedy was performing a showcase for SXSW. It was super dark,... [Read More]
Normally when a guest sits down for a World Cafe interview, our producers or I help them adjust their microphone to the correct distance and... [Read More]
It is overwhelming to imagine just how many molecules and how many mountains Aretha Franklin has moved with her music. [Read More]
I'm sure you've had this experience at some point: You hear the voice of an artist who was important to you at a particular time... [Read More]
To celebrate our list of the 200 Greatest Songs By 21st Century Women+, a group of contributors gathered to talk about the artists who are... [Read More]
A live performance of songs from one of the most intriguing albums of the year, soil. [Read More]
Boz Scagg's new music traces back to an early love of the blues that he first fell in love with growing up in Texas and... [Read More]
This undefinable five-piece band boasts a blend of charisma, musical chops, sing-along harmonies and breakneck creativity. [Read More]
Mama wants to change that Nashville sound. [Read More]