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One spring, my husband went to make a picnic table for our daughter for Mother's Day. He didn't know exactly what the measurements were. So... [Read More]
When Bill Clinton first ran for president, I listened to his speeches on health care. I voted mainly for health care reform. I had insurance,... [Read More]
My idea might be good for everyone.• Gather all the things in your household that are still in the packages. New or used a couple... [Read More]
This is in regard to the letter published June 2 ("Reader's View: Essentia needs to keep downtown pool") in the News Tribune about Essentia Health... [Read More]
When Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in November 2016, I could not read the News Tribune or the Superior Telegram for about three weeks.... [Read More]
It's time to bring back the Civilian Conservation Corps, or the CCC.The Lakewalk and Brighton Beach were damaged in a recent snowfall and by high... [Read More]
On President Donald Trump: a wall can be used to keep people out; a wall also can be used to keep people in.Tamara JodellSuperior... [Read More]
The health care bill supported by President Donald Trump threatens to eliminate many baby boomers and those with disabilities. Only the strong may survive.Tamara JodellSuperior... [Read More]