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Kim Jong-un's decision to send his sister Kim Yo-jong and a 200-strong cheerleading squad to the Winter Olympics has been seized upon by some as... [Read More]
His suffering as a teenager under the excesses of Maoism has not stopped the president pursuing unassailable authority... [Read More]
The little evidence seeping out of the repressed nation suggests its people are growing weary of their masters — but still harbour a burning hatred... [Read More]
He was still a geeky teenager when he led Hong Kong's 2014 umbrella protests. Since then Beijing's grip has tightened, but he's not giving up... [Read More]
The case of the Scottish wave energy firm Pelamis is the latest to raise questions about China and intellectual property... [Read More]
Beijing may see the UK as a waning power since the Brexit vote, but will still be sensitive to the last-minute halt on Hinkley Point... [Read More]
Gao Yu vows to appeal against seven-year sentence for allegedly leaking Document No 9, which lays bare Communist party hostility to human rights China has... [Read More]
US irritation over Britain's participation in Chinese-led AIIB has exposed deep international divisions over how to deal with China... [Read More]
Australia indicates it could join UK, New Zealand as founding member of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, which Washington views with suspicion Support for a Chinese-led... [Read More]
Editorial ... [Read More]
Activists are being criminally detained after reportedly planning to distribute stickers with slogans highlighting sexual harrassment ... [Read More]
Under the Dome disappears from several prominent sites after attracting more than 300 million views ... [Read More]
Li Keqiang warns 'the difficulties we are to encounter in the year ahead may be even more formidable than those of last year' China's premier... [Read More]
As viewing figures rocket past 300m, officials seem to be taking a tolerant view of Chai Jing's film, which examines the issue of deteriorating air... [Read More]
Marriage and divorce, land and property, at work and at home – laws and customs discriminate against women and leave them at a glaring economic... [Read More]
Xi Jinping's huge anti-graft campaign has continued with the execution of a mining billionaire. Its effect is now so widespread that some warn daily work... [Read More]
Beijing web watchdog celebrates 'cyber sovereignty' with video anthem, aiming to drum up support for restrictions ... [Read More]
Bloomberg reports that pilots had shut down power to a flight protection system after trying to deal with a string of alerts from it... [Read More]
Guardian journalist Tania Branigan visited the North Korean capital after an absence of four years. Although her tour group was guarded at all times, she... [Read More]
Kim Jong-un's regime is not coming in from the cold just yet, and an increasingly prosperous capital stands in sharp contrast to the rest of... [Read More]