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Decades after a killing, a man returns to post-apartheid corruption in his hometown in this picture by Michael Matthews. [Read More]
A student befriends artists and fellow film lovers in this drama from Jean Paul Civeyrac. [Read More]
In Rodrigo Cortés's teen horror movie, a boarding school has haunts along its hallways. [Read More]
A young girl moves from the city to the country and gets her first glimpses of birth, death, sex and betrayal, but boredom is the... [Read More]
This film, about a woman who grew up in foster care, balances penetrating clarity with compassion. [Read More]
The director Iram Haq translated a personal story to the screen for this domestic kidnapping thriller. [Read More]
The sense of place is as pervasive as a character in "Moss," a film by Daniel Peddle. [Read More]
Chemistry between the stars, Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd, aids the poignant and pithy script, which is based on the director's own experiences. [Read More]
Lea Thompson directed her daughters in a mostly sweet comedy about sisters in their 20s. [Read More]
Ava DuVernay and Lena Dunham join a chorus of female filmmakers speaking out in Amy Adrion's documentary. [Read More]
In Raja Gosnell's canine comedy, a Rottweiler teams up with a human crime-fighting partner to thwart an international animal smuggling ring. [Read More]
Masaaki Yuasa's anime feature brings a little mermaid named Lu into the life of a melancholy middle-schooler. What the film gains in energy, it loses... [Read More]
In this new anime adventure from the director Masaaki Yuasa, a musical mermaid's powers transform a melancholy student and his town. [Read More]
Escape is a matter of endurance in this true story of Jan Baalsrud during World War II. [Read More]
With unpalatable characters and a crude style, the film makes robbing a comic book convention seem like a bore. [Read More]
"Lou Andreas-Salomé, the Audacity to Be Free" casts four actresses to show the evolution of a 19th-century writer with an unusual life. [Read More]
A mystical being from an underworld takes the form of a red dolphin in this fantasy. [Read More]
A fine performance by Ms. Stone is up against a generic screenplay. [Read More]
Moviegoers get a look at the brain scans of couples as a scientist seeks a theory of gender behavior. [Read More]
Over the summer—before his Oscar campaign, before the Harvey Weinstein allegations, and before Franco's Time's Up pin prompted women to come forward with their stories... [Read More]