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Not only is Dick Vitale a splendid college basketball announcer, but he's a great philanthropist. Here's a classic example involving the proceeds from his latest... [Read More]
Rarely in history has an undefeated college football team been more disrespected than Notre Dame. Folks need to open their eyes and praise the Fighting... [Read More]
Even though Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has a history of juggling quarterbacks, he is flirting with disaster with his pending switch from Brandon Wimbush... [Read More]
If you want to know why Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers and other gifted NFL wide receivers have issues, you've come to the right... [Read More]
The NFL has to nail Damontae Kazee BIG TIME for what he did to Cam Newton. [Read More]
Baseball great Hank Aaron is a huge tennis fan, and to say the least, he isn't pleased with the treatment these days of Serena Williams. [Read More]
You have Serena Williams, and then you have the umpire that she suddenly made famous (or infamous), but everybody needs to chill. [Read More]
Even if Nike is supporting Colin Kaepernick for the wrong reasons, it doesn't matter. It's working for good. [Read More]
Not only isn't Notre Dame versus Michigan a rivalry in college football, but the Fighting Irish don't need to play this game. [Read More]
Ohio State board of trustees said one thing Wednesday about Urban Meyer, but they meant another. [Read More]
If you think the death of Maryland football player Jordan McNair earlier this year was an isolated situation, wait until you hear the story of... [Read More]
It doesn't make sense that the University of Maryland needs an investigation to decide the fate of football coach DJ Durkin. It was obvious after... [Read More]
If you want to know why baseball is in trouble, look no further than the Atlanta Braves, with all of that talent and with all... [Read More]
Tiger Woods is back to his old self, and if you don't believe it, you're not paying attention. [Read More]
Nobody gets more undeserved attention than the Dallas Cowboys, and it won't end anytime soon... [Read More]
Let's hope Urban Meyer doesn't fulfill his "dream" someday by coaching Notre Dame football. [Read More]
Nobody can rival LeBron James on the court, but many have the chance to do so off the court, and they will. [Read More]
It's a good thing Arthur Blank has more sense than Jerry Jones regarding NFL owners and this national anthem controversy. [Read More]
This is awful. Those who run college football say they won't expand their playoff system, but you just know they will. [Read More]
Just like that, Josh Hader joins a long list of sports personalities involved in racial controversies. He made life tough on himself. [Read More]