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Good debt makes us richer. Explode the deficit and debt for corporate and rich households tax cuts they don't use for research and development or... [Read More]
Until the government moves boldly and quickly to prevent abuse there are some things families and individuals can do to help protect themselves... [Read More]
Our retirement system invites financial abuse. Giving protection advice to elders with lump sums is as effective as telling people to be careful when we... [Read More]
Rather than worsening the retirement crisis by giving money to the wealthy, policymakers should strengthen Social Security, mandate retirement plans, provide fair and effective refundable... [Read More]
The United States is way down the list when it comes to paid vacation days—and public holidays, paid sick leave, and paid family leave. About... [Read More]
Mortgage deductions may be bad policy, signaling to society – the government wants you to own a house. But home ownership could be bad... [Read More]
Hundreds of underground seismic motion detectors serve as early warning systems for earthquakes. Economists have their own recession early warning detectors and some are going... [Read More]
Real estate brokers, home developers, and banks love the 30-year mortgage -- they have marketed long mortgages for generations. A 30-year encurages people to stretch... [Read More]
Ostrich thinking is rampant – ignoring a future problem is a basic human reaction – but in not responding as a nation to patch up... [Read More]
Bottom line, on economic policies, many voters are not as far away from "democratic socialism" though they surely shun the label "socialist." [Read More]
Recessions often give self-employed workers a double whammy: your own business shrinks at the same time your job prospects shrink and at the same time... [Read More]
Older workers are in bad jobs with low and stagnant wages. [Read More]
Older workers are in bad jobs with low and stagnant wages. [Read More]
When you couple parents' inadequate savings with their children's increasing costs for tuition and housing, you have a dangerous cocktail. While an act of love,... [Read More]
Whether it's burning petroleum in transportation or coal for electricity, or carbon emissions from chemicals and cement industries, underpricing carbon hurts the economy in the... [Read More]
There are two reasons tight labor markets have not boosted wages. The first is simply measurement: the relationship holds, there is more slack in the... [Read More]
Advocates for "Medicare for All" say Medicare updates the U.S. by "joining the rest of the industrialized world, where health care is universal" and will... [Read More]
Launching an escalating series of battles with other nations will likely hurt more employers and workers than they help. [Read More]
Economists are telling each other we haven't seen rates this low (near 4%) in our lifetimes and we worry. Wages aren't moving like we predicted. [Read More]
Planning how to spend down your retirement funds is easy under our crazy system! All you have to do is know when you and your... [Read More]