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Q: This past Thursday and Friday, we had visits from a flock of about a dozen evening grosbeaks. In both cases, they were chased away... [Read More]
Among wild animals, color makes little difference, and gray squirrels are a good example. Black will mate with gray; white will mate with gray or... [Read More]
I had planned to write this last week, but got side-tracked. Fortunately, it isn't too late to recruit a few more Citizen Scientists, who may... [Read More]
Q: I have two milkweed gardens and I am having an issue with what looks like a stink bug. From what I can see, they... [Read More]
'Getting away' for a weekend needn't be tedious, especially for those living along the coast, spending a couple days in the mountains, or we who... [Read More]
In our previous Naturewatch, we skipped from mountain lions to germinating milkweed, Project Milkweed, The Xerces Society, and finally 1001 Pollinator Gardens Project, an initiative... [Read More]
Q: My wife and I were just returning home from a paddling outing on Lake Buel and saw something cross the road ahead of us.... [Read More]
I became interested in finding a local nursery offering native varieties of milkweed (Asclepias), and other native plants popular with pollinators, after receiving queries from... [Read More]
Today, Jim McCarthy called me and said, 'I'm coming to pick you up, I have something to show you.' We drove down to our meadow... [Read More]
How the chairwoman of Palm Beach's grandest gala, the Red Cross Ball, was ousted in 2004. [Read More]
Q: On Saturday, June 9, we were riding the rail trail when we were stopped by a kid and dad who had found a baby... [Read More]
In a Naturewatch column I wrote, for the first Sunday in July 2006, we find a word to politicians: Keeping your head buried in the... [Read More]
It's long been known that excessive childhood sun exposure and sunburns are significant risk factors for developing skin cancer and premature aging (such as sun... [Read More]
Q: We've seen a family with nine goslings [on Center Pond] — do they gather little ones from other families? — Chris and Bob, DaltonA:... [Read More]
The monarch butterfly, once a familiar sight, is plummeting toward extinction.Aside from seeing more monarch butterflies last summer than in recent years, for instance, although... [Read More]
Q: We have three questions, two from our 7- and 4-year-old boys who spend a lot of time in the outdoors learning all they can... [Read More]
Q An indigo bunting [is] a first for me in my garden in Williamstown. He has stayed around for days (about 10 so far) and... [Read More]
Q I recently discovered some chickadees spending a lot of time on and around the posts on my deck. When I went out to see... [Read More]
Q We have this robin that for the last week has sat on a little tree 10 feet from our three-paned north window. He flies... [Read More]
Q: I live in Lanesborough, where we have a small pond. We are frequently visited by a kingfisher, coming to eat the crayfish and goldfish... [Read More]