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Was the driver texting? Under the influence of booze or drugs? Uninsured? Unlicensed? [Read More]
The treatment is not recommended by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs but backed by many former service members and their advocates. [Read More]
One prevailing theory is that in many of these case the drivers are intoxicated and know that they'll be arrested for DWI if they remain... [Read More]
The patient is less than 50 years old with underlying medical conditions and is in serious condition at a Manhattan hospital. [Read More]
A roundup of obituaries for Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. [Read More]
Take a walk: "It is the tranquilizer without a pill, the therapy without a psychoanalyst," my grandfather wrote in one of his journals. [Read More]
John Hudgson Dilgen was recently given a chance to share his story with the world and his message as ressonated with millions of people. [Read More]
I've vented about the beeping, speeding, tailgating and general road rudeness. But lately, things have been different. [Read More]
"This was quite a few years ago, but I have never forgotten that wonderful stranger," Dori Brook says. [Read More]
It's potentially counter-productive and opens a dangerous door to misunderstanding. [Read More]
About half the population of the borough have gotten those $50 tickets in the mail. [Read More]
You can't argue that fewer deaths is a good thing, but is the prevalence of antidote spray doing anything to tackle crisis? [Read More]
The bugs were collected in Rossville; no human cases have been reported. [Read More]
The lowest remains at $2.25 per gallon, with the lowest 10 locations still all less that $2.45, according to [Read More]
Rainfall rates of one inch an hour are possible, resulting in minor flooding of poorly drained or low lying areas. [Read More]
Eligible educators can register online through the Museum's website or in person at the Staten Island Museum at Snug Harbor. [Read More]
A roundup of obituaries for June 17, 2017. [Read More]
If the condition of our high-traffic sidewalks and parking lots is any indication, we have a very long way to go. [Read More]
Given the hundreds of patients involved and the percentage who made the decision to seek treatment rather than discharge, the program should be a... [Read More]
These women often are promised a better life, a place to live, a job and citizenship. The reality couldn't be more different. [Read More]