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In addition to high cancer rates, the study will look at a range of other illness and birth defects that could be tied to the... [Read More]
There's been a discernible increase in the number of people panhandling across the borough. [Read More]
Send your experiences to [Read More]
Cars were inching by in both directions because you had to swerve around the injured animal sprawled cross both lanes. [Read More]
Staten Islanders interested in testifying can sign up to testify online or sign up in person at the hearing. [Read More]
One thing is clear, the system needs additional reform, particularly when it comes to the follow-up care. [Read More]
A roundup of obituaries for Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. [Read More]
Like it or not, the speed limit on most Island roads per Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero initiative is 25 and, as many of... [Read More]
Scores of criminal defendants who appear in the borough's courts each year suffer from some type of mental illness. [Read More]
The ferry been viewed as a potential terror target and given the state of national and gloabal affairs, that concern should be on everyone's radar. [Read More]
The Advance will be launching a series of reports on mental illness and how it impacts our community. [Read More]
Incidents like the one at the dress shop and collisions will continue to climb until a real tragedy wakes the city up. [Read More]
"The narcotics on the street right now are deadly," D.A. McMahon said when he revealed there were nine ODs in just four days... [Read More]
The Midland Motel site can no longer skirt zoning regulations prohibiting the property's operation as a transient hotel. [Read More]
Workers is the area say it's been there for as long as they can remember -- months and maybe even years. [Read More]
We must heed the painful lessons of poor planning and unchecked growth after the completion of the Verrazano Bridge. [Read More]
Now listed as a 'Drug of Concern," kratom's opioid effects are being studied by the feds. [Read More]
We recently reported that there's a growing call for a ferry to be named after Firefighter John G. Chipura. [Read More]
With all the talk about dropping crime statistics, what's driving this spate of quick, hit-and-run armed hold-ups in various communities across the Island. [Read More]
It's on the itinerary of thousands of tourists a week: A scenic, free ride on the Staten Island Ferry.They come from across the globe, navigate... [Read More]